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A year in the life of Make up artist Amy Prifti - 2014

Wow, what an amazing 2014 this has been! As well as starting up my own Make up Academy  where I have met lots of lovely people, some of whom went on to work along side me and now have their own make up business which I am so proud to be a part of. I still have my Wedding Hair and Make up business  which I love doing and feel privileged to be a part of any brides big day. On top to that I have my self employed hair, make up business and beauty business, make and style wigs for various theatre productions and am lucky enough to work at Glyndebourne Opera House during their season in Sussex as well as being the hair stylist for Annabelle's Wigs  and having so many fab experiences this year that I don't think I could list them all! Some of my highlights have been; CATWALKS Designing the hair and make up for Isaac Raymond Fashion along with Fran Carter  where we was joined by a whole team of make up artists and hair stylists to create all the looks needed for the

Mother & Daughter Hairstyling in Lewes and Ringmer, East Sussex

As a hair stylist working at Glyndebourne Opera House, I have learnt the skill of creating intricate looking hair styles with extremely short time frames.  Once you know how, it is quite easy to style hair that looks impressive yet takes no time at all! I am running hair styling work shops for Mum's and Daughter's every weekend throughout Winter 2014 / 2015 These work shops are £10 per adult, and you bring your daughter along with you to practise on! (perfect for a bit of special bonding between you and your daughter) We will cover various different styles including; Braids Waterfall Plaits Fish Tail Plaits Elsa from Frozen Hair style I cover mainly Lewes and the surrounding villages but happy to travel further if enough people are interested. Each Workshop lasts approximately 2 hours and costs just £10 per adult. Gift vouchers are also available - The perfect Christmas gift for your daughter. For more information please contact me, Amy P

Make up Artist - Amy Prifti

A different kinda post to my normal ones.   This is a personal message from me..... Just putting it out there! My name is Amy Prifti.  I am a make up artist and I'm bloody good at my job.  There, I've said it! So why, when I tell a model who is putting their face in my hands and has never met me before or seen examples of my work 'Don't worry - I'm a great make up artist' am I met with people who think that I am pretentious and 'up my own arse?' I agree - I am extremely certain of myself and what I can achieve.  Make up is all I have ever known, from age 8 when I would make over my friends to look like the lady on the front of a magazine to age 13 when I started designing the hair and make up for all my school, and then college performances. I worked my first Opera house and my first feature film aged 16 where I would clean make up brushes and sort hair pins whilst watching, learning and working my damnest to impress and to get the opportu

'In my Kit' Professional make up artist - Eyeshadows

Eyeshadow is my 'failure' when it comes to makeup shopping!  - If it's pretty, I want to buy it! Above is a photo of my current eyeshadows that I keep in my make up kit..... and you know what? I NEED MORE! There always seems to be more colours that I just need! To start with, let me explain that I am a 'mixer' - I always mix my colours to create the shade that I want.  I also LOVE colour! And I love putting colour onto faces, brightening people up. So, here's a current run down of what products I have in my make up kit; Kryolan 15 colour eye shadow palette £77.00 I buy this empty palette from Charles H Fox in covent garden, London and then choose which 15 colours I want to put in it.  This palette is ideal for freedom of choice and you can buy individual refills as you use each colour. I have both the above palettes in my kit, 1 shimmer with a selection of colours and 1 matt neutral colours. These palettes are £44.15 each 120 colour eyes

'In my Kit' Professional make up artist - Eyebrow makeup

Although there are various eyebrow products on the market, I tend to rely on these tried and tested staples; Kryolan Eyeshadow powder palette £26.50 - 5 colours that suit all hair shades from very light blonde to black Tweezerman Tweezers, perfect for plucking out any stray hairs £12.50 MUA clear mascara £1.00 for taming those long, straight hairs and keeping the eyebrows in place. NYX eyebrow pencil in light and medium brown £4.00 each, perfect for gently filling in small gaps in eyebrows To keep pencils hygienic I sharpen with a Victoria Loves Beauty pencil sharpener £1.99 before using a new piece of the pencil on each client, this means that most pencils last up to 1 year. Eyebrow shadow has longevity due to powders not going 'off' so to speak, powders sometimes go a bit 'hard' on the surface which can be lightly scratched off. I use a disposable mascara wand when applying the clear mascara to eyebrows. Victoria Loves Be

'In my Kit' Professional make up artist - Concealers

When reaching for a concealer, there is only one product that I use - Dermacolor.  These bad boys have so much pigment in them that I can cover a tattoo with them, therefore dark eyes are no problem against dermacolor concealer palettes. I was first introduced to dermacolor when I worked at Charles H Fox in London - they sell the dermacolor range which was introduced to the market as a cosmetic camouflage cream.  I was so interested by this that I enrolled myself straight away onto a course with the British Association of Skin Camouflage. Not only was I introduced to dermacolor, but various different ranges of camouflage creams that are all used for the same purpose - to cover up birth marks, port wine stains, psoriasis, burns, rosacea and much, much more. In my kit I keep 2 mini palettes of 16 colours each in both light and medium £19.25 each I tend to find that the colour range offered in these palettes will match with most skin colours. I also have the large conce

'In my Kit' Professional make up artist - Foundations

Following on from my primer blog, here is a list of my foundation products that I keep in my professional make up kit; For most people's base I use HD ready 24 colour Supercover mineral to cream foundation palette - £200.00 Not only does this include all coloured foundations from white through to Asian and Black skin tones with a variation of different pink and yellow undertones but it also has a corrector wheel in the middle which I mainly use for contouring, highlighting and shading. On top of my foundation palette, I also carry an extra 3 pots of my most popular foundation colour so that I never run out.  The large pots of foundation colour are £28.00 each. Because not everyone has the same skin, I also keep 4 different colours of Kryolan Liquid foundation in my kit at £13.75 each - This foundation can be applied as fine or thick as needs be for your perfect finish. I also keep both the medium and light coloured BB creams in my kit for clients who do not like

'In my Kit' Professional make up artist - Face Primers

This is my first blog to share with you what products I keep in my professional make up kit for jobs.  I have separated these blogs into sections depending on what products I will be talking about. My reasons for writing these blogs are to introduce you to products and also to show people in the industry exactly how much money a make up artist spends on their kits, baring in mind that each product is replaceable and does not have a 'lifetime' use. Not only do make up artists need a basic kit to use for work but we also have to keep up to date with new products coming onto the market every day. You may believe that professional make up artists receive a discount on products but this is not always the case. In fact other than the odd 'VAT Free' day, I pay full whack for all my products, just the same as everyone else. Primers - Supercover Ultimate Face Primer £36 for 50ml - This is a lovely clear gel primer with Aloe Vera in it - I find that this primer not o

5 day Intensive make up course in Sussex

5 day intensive make up course July 2014, dates include Tuesday 8 th , Friday 11 th , Friday 18 th , Tuesday 22 nd and Wednesday 23 rd  £750 instead of £800 The course starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm each day This course will cover ·         Product knowledge and the pros and cons of one make up application versus another •          The perfect base, shading and contouring, looking at different face shapes •          Eyes - How to widen, brighten, change shape, make wider apart and closer together, looking at different eye shapes and measurements ·         Eye make up application to include line, natural, smoky, dramatic and various creative techniques •          Lips - Choosing this right colour, defining and changing the shape •          Bone structure and where to highlight •          The perfect eyeliner application •          Individual and strip eyelash application •          Bridal make up •          Beauty make up •          Vintage make

3 day intensive make up course at the Sussex Make up Academy, Eastbourne

The Sussex Make up Academy is running a 3 day intensive course on April 28th - April 30th 2014 Please see the course details below; The course starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm each day for a special offer of £300.00 (normally £480.00) This course will cover •                    The perfect base •                    Shading and Contouring •                    Face shapes •                    Eye shapes •                    Eyes - How to widen, brighten, change shape, look wider apart and closer together •                    Lips - Choosing this right colour, define the shape, make bigger and fuller •                    Bone structure •                    The perfect eyeliner application •                    Eyelash  Application •                    Bridal make up •                    Beauty Make up •                    Vintage make up •                    Fashion through the ages If you would like to enrol, please email me at makeupbyamy@ta