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Photoshoot with Raphaella with love, Elle Beth & Lola Day

Wedding dress designer and maker Chrissie Nicholson-Wild created 3 stunning new designs in muted tones and these were the basis of my most recent wedding photoshoot. Before I waffle on about the day, please take a look at this behind the scenes video which was filmed and edited by Agne Kovalkova and captured the day beautifully; As well as showing off a few processes that go in to a shoot of this scale, this video shows how we all work - in a relaxed manner and always smiling to the end. What the video doesn't show so well was exactly how much it rained that day! The rain was truly relentless. It was decided that Chrissie, Myself and Photographer David Long would team up together once more after the success of of our Amberley castle photoshoot featuring the red dresses. Chrissie showed me the designs and fabrics of the dresses that she wanted to create and from there we looked at locations that would fit in with the overall feeling of the dresses.  We decided on woodlan