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Custom made Hair Acessories just for you

I make hair jewels in both pearl and crystal - these break up your hair if it is one colour as you can see below;  Hair styled in to curls placed at the top of the head with no hair decoration    Same hair style with individual hair pearls placed in to the style   Same hair style with individual hair crystals placed in to the style     As you can see, just a few small clips can really break up the hair and add a bit more definition and interest to your hair.   I make these slides myself and sell them in packs of 3 for £3 or two packs for £5 plus p+p   The pearls and crystals are available in all colours so you can match them up with any decoration you have on your dress and can even order some in for your bridesmaids to match the colour of their dresses.   If you have any questions, or would like to order a few packs please email me at   Many Thanks   Amy