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New Year Make Over

Hi guys. I have a new boudoir shoot to share with you all.... A competition was offered in ETC magazine offering one lucky ready a boudoir shoot.  Readers applied in their thousands.  The winner - Hayley Fruer was over the moon to win...... although completely apprehensive (this is something that had entered the back of her mind from time to time but she didn't ever think that she would go through with it!) Hayley won a night's stay at the hotel Pelirocco , a make over by myself , a boudoir shoot with Emma Meston at Taboudoir , an Annabelle's hair piece , a head dress by Big Bead Boutique  and lingerie from She Said Boutique . To add to all of this excitement it was also Hayley's Birthday :-) So, with champagne at the ready and a spec of 'the great Gatsby' off we set to work; Before shot of Hayley Doing Hayley's make up with her piece from Annabelle's Wigs already attached     Hayley in her peacock finery!   The final

Make Up Inspiration

Every now and then I like to get into the studio with a model and photographer to have some creative fun, learn and use new techniques and generally this helps me to become a better make up artist and hair stylist. Sometimes these 'studio days' have a plan which takes a few weeks to get everything together before we all meet up and create the final look. Other times we just play it by ear, wait until we get to the studio or some one will put forward a suggestion which we go with and then let the shoot unfold before our eyes. My Latest shoot was the later of the 3 above. I got together with photographer Emma Meston -  and model / hair stylist Yolanda Carella with a 'monochrome' out line. I quickly ordered a few bobs from Annabelle's Wigs so that we could play around with a few different styles and we all met up at the studio. The studio that we was in has a huge 'prop' section, lots of clothes an

Alan Carr as the X Factor judges for Closer Magazine

I received a phone call from Closer magazine asking me to help make up artist Natacha Schmitt make over Alan Carr to become each x factor judge! The phonecall was received one day before the shoot ...... we only had 1 hour with the fantastically funny man Mr Carr and the pressure was on! Equipped with Annabelle's Wigs, stipple sponges, false eyelashes, nail polish, fake nails and anything else we could think of we met up at the London Television Studios and was shown to a dressing room where we promptly set up, including the photographer putting up his white screen. In came Alan and off we set to work! Starting on Louis Walsh - as Natacha made him up, I set to spraying his hair grey, plonked a smiffy's wig on top and the final touches of 'broken cappileries' were added to his cheeks and he was ready Now on to Gary Barlow - off with the wig, now to spray his hair brown instead!  The red cheeks were removed by Natacha, make up re-applied and we stippled o

making over Arg from Towie to look like Tom Cruise in Rock of ages for Closer Magazine

So, last month I received a phone call from celebrity make up artist Natacha Schmitt asking me if I can cut and style a wig for Arg from Towie. The spec was that we were to make him look like Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages seeing as it was coming out on DVD that week. The hoot was in London and we was to create two looks, copying poses from the film. Straight away I got on the phone to Annabelle's Wigs and ordered the relevant wig for me to 'hack' into. Ready and armed with wig, I set off to the London studio where we was shooting. Once there, the photographer said that we was recreating a shot where a wind machine was used to blow up the hair behind the head...... but with NO wind machine!  Therefore it was up to me to style and spray the hair so that it looks like it was being blown back with the following result..... The second shot was to be more face on with the hair styled down and a warmer orange background. This was a really fun shoot to be a part of with

Annabelle's Wigs competition for the Teenage Cancer Trust headed by Amy Childs from TOWIE

I am very proud to have been asked to help organise the below competition to help raise awareness and money for the teenage cancer trust.  I think that this is an excellent opportunity for all young people aged between 13 and 24 to design a wig and offers a fantastic prize plus two runner up prizes.  We have been fortunate enough to have Amy Childs to head this competition for Annabelle's Wigs and would really like to get you all involved; The competition We are asking you to design a wig that will appeal to people between 13-24.   This will then have to be uploaded onto the Annabelle’s Wigs   facebook page; You can base your design on a photo, celebrity’s hair, you can sketch your design or describe it to us.   The winning wig will be chosen by Amy Childs and the Annabelle’s Wigs team who will be looking out for it’s durability, how ‘on trend’ it is and also how relevant it is to the age range it i

Halloween Make Up and Hair ideas

So, It is that time of the year again ....... 1 day until Halloween ! I have decided to make a few 15 minute video's to give you some ideas and inspiration. All video's are made within 15 minutes where possible and I have just used simple make up that you will probably find laying around the house so that you do not need to buy anything special to recreate these looks. First off I have done a Sexy Glamorous look for you; The final look being; The second video is to create a zombie / Gothic look; The final look being this; I have also made an alternative zombie look which you can find here; with your make up running down; With the last look using everyday make up being a 'fire' look - I made this in 3 instalments so you will need to watch all 3 to create the final look;               For all these looks, I have used Annabelle's Wigs - a great way to finishing your Halloween look - check our the website at www.annabelle

1950's hair and make up for secret cinema screening of Grease the musical

Recently I was contacted by two local girls who was going off for a secret cinema screening of Grease the Musical.  They asked if I could do their hair and make up 50's style so that they looked the part! I love doing hair and make up like this as it is so much fun.  I love any make up from the 1920's onwards as woman really knew how to style themselves and how to wear their make up with pride..... that and big red lips! Here, with the girls permission are the before and after shots of them. All natural before any hair and make up Curlers in, Make up applied Close up of make up with eyes closed Side view of hair pinned up front quiff The finished article!   Before photo with no hair and make up Curlers in ! Make up applied Close up of make up with eyes closed   Side view showing complete make up and hair     Finished article ! Comments after the night out included;   Thank you so much Amy for doing my hair &a

Boudoir photography

I am now getting a lot of requests from people who want me to do their hair and make up for boudoir shoots following a shoot that I did with Emmest Photography  and her new comapny Taboudoir  for ETC magazine. I teamed up with the wonderful Emma Meston from Emmest Photography, model's Celine Mailland and Grace Wardle and equipped with a case-full of Annabelle's Wigs , off I went to the Hotel Pelirocco   in Brighton with the aim to have fun! Once at the pelirocco I was given access to the singstar room to carry out hair and make up with fellow artist Charlene Everest.  Here, I met Chrissie Nicholson-Wild of  Curve Couture and also Cliterati. Emma was set up in the pin up room at the Pelirocco to take all shoots. Together the whole team was able to shoot a variety of shots and looks all based on a vintage theme, using the models own hair and wigs to get as many different looks as possible. I also enjoyed working as Emma's assistant suggesting poses and creating fun

How to plan a wedding ?

I often get asked by people how a wedding day transforms and the answer is that each wedding day is very different to each other with some brides being more organised than others, and also a lot of it depends on how the bride is feeling - you will never know how you will feel on your wedding day until the day itself comes! Here is a little insight into behind the scenes on the morning of a wedding day. With thanks to Laura Higgins (nee Lancaster) who has kindly let me share her morning with the world! Enjoy reading and remember, this is just how Laura's wedding transpired, each wedding is individual and every one's wedding day is different to eachother.........  Having met Laura for her trial, it was decided that I would turn up at the Norfolk Arms, Arundel where she was getting ready at 07.30 am. Bride and bridesmaids were ready and waiting at the window for me! First things first - turns out the veil had no clip attached so I quickly put the bridesmaids to