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How to plan a wedding ?

I often get asked by people how a wedding day transforms and the answer is that each wedding day is very different to each other with some brides being more organised than others, and also a lot of it depends on how the bride is feeling - you will never know how you will feel on your wedding day until the day itself comes! Here is a little insight into behind the scenes on the morning of a wedding day. With thanks to Laura Higgins (nee Lancaster) who has kindly let me share her morning with the world! Enjoy reading and remember, this is just how Laura's wedding transpired, each wedding is individual and every one's wedding day is different to eachother.........  Having met Laura for her trial, it was decided that I would turn up at the Norfolk Arms, Arundel where she was getting ready at 07.30 am. Bride and bridesmaids were ready and waiting at the window for me! First things first - turns out the veil had no clip attached so I quickly put the bridesmaids to

A Vintage Wedding in Brighton

I have chosen to share with you hair and make up from last weeks wedding. When my bride turned up for her trial she told me that she never ever wore make up and definitely didn't do anything interesting or different with her hair. But it just so happened that my luck was in - She had visited a photographic studio to create some beautiful photos as a wedding gift to her husband to be.  whilst at this photo shoot, the make up artist gave her quite a vintage look with thick black eyeliner and flicks and bright red lipstick. My bride loved this look so much that she asked me to recreate it for her wedding day (something she never would have dreamed of before) At her trial, after recreating the make up look that she desired we played around with her hair, looking at different styles to go with her make up and wedding dress. She thought she had decided to go with a large side bun when she completely changed her mind after trying on her wedding dress for the final fitting where