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How to choose the correct foundation for my skin type

For the fast answer to this question, please view the above video tuition. For a more extended answer, please carry on reading......... The answer to this question does not lay in which make up brand you use, or how much money you spend on your foundation - The answer lies in how your foundation feels on your skin, how it settles and how it looks. Foundation coverage - Tinted moisturiser will give you a very fine coverage but will not conceal any imperfections - this is best used during the summer just to even out your skin tone. Pressed/loose powder - Just like the tinted moisturiser, this does not conceal, neither does it give a lot of coverage, it will however mattify your skin. Wet to dry powder - Applied using a wet sponge, this foundation gives you slightly more coverage as it goes on like liquid, yet dries to a powder. Liquid foundation - This will give you a medium coverage although you can build up the product to achieve the coverage that you require,

How to cover up a tattoo using Camouflage creams

As a cosmetic camouflage practitioner I get asked to cover up scars, burn marks, port wine stains, birth marks, broken capillaries, Rosacea, eczema and all other skin conditions and discolourations.  When I am doing a wedding, I often get asked to cover up a tattoo or two! Below I will outline how you can cover up your own tattoo using Cosmetic camouflage creams. There are many creams available on the market, my product of choice is Dermacolor by Kryolan - this is endorsed by many companies including British Association of British Camouflage and Skin Camouflage Network.  Some of the products are also available on Prescription if your doctor gives you a prescription for the product - otherwise you can buy it direct from Charles H Fox.  1. - tattoo before any cosmetic camouflage creams have been applied. 2. If the tattoo is black, you need to apply a red colour on top of the black to neutralise the colour - I apply the product using a lip brush or liner brush.  I have applie