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Boudoir photography for Valentines day

……. For who you are   Want to arrange something special for your valentine this year with long lasting memories for you both to treasure for years to come?   Taboudoir are offering a once in a lifetime experience for just £150.00  This includes Hair and Make -Up and a photo shoot to take place at the hotel where you have whisked your loved one off to, or our boutique hotel 'Hotel Peirocco' in Brighton   This offer is available for a limited time only; please get in touch NOW to secure the date for your boudoir shoot.   For more info contact Taboudoir on 07807 468555 or  07906 393807 Email     Visit our website for more information;

How do I do hair and make up for a dance performance ?

  Theatre and Dance Make Up and Hair Workshops coming to your dance school soon                           Before                                                  After Professional Celebrity Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist Amy Prifti holds individual make-up and hair workshops at your dance school Within Sussex, Surrey and Kent. Each workshop is tailor-made to suit your own dance pupil’s needs; ‘Stage make up for dancers’ This includes an explanation of the top 10 mistakes and how to correct them ‘Character workshops’ Covering how to get into character, research and how to complete a face chart to help you apply your make up ‘Hair Styling’ Amy will introduce you to various techniques of how to style your hair ready for your performance ‘Hair pieces’ Amy will introduce you to affordable hair pieces and clip in styles that will add instant glamour and enhance your performance If you would like to book Amy for any of these workshops or for

Harry Derbidge Boutique - Harry's World

Thursday was a great fun day spent with Annabelle's Wigs; Harry Derbidge recently got in touch with Annabelle's Wigs with a photo and asked if four wigs could be made up for his shop mannequins in his Boutique in Essex. 'Harry's World' The wigs arrived so we jumped in the car to take them up, style them and to start a new 'hairy' trend with mannequins;                                                Meet Barbara and Wendy - Harry's mannequins with their new hair...... extra high with extra length! Harry checking out the fringe..... he is a happy, happy chappie!                                          Harry asked for two more wigs the same style but in different colours to be made up so that he can change the hair colours from time to time.  Modelled by Harry and Myself ! Who says that work can't be fun?   Harry is such a cutie that he wouldn't let us leave without giving us a little prezzie from his shop..... Love

Getting Married in 2013 ?

OK, so you have probably worked out by now that my business is in Weddings...... So I turn on the news on the 1st of January 2013 for a report to be shared that NO ONE is getting married in 2013 because of its superstitious date! Is this TRUE? Are YOU getting married this year? What is your opinion? According to the news report many venues and businesses are offering special 'deals' to entice those getting married so that they don't postpone their wedding to 2014. Are people REALLY this superstitious that the number 13 will bring bad luck to their marriage? If I, for one was thinking about getting married over the next few years, I would probably bring the date forward and choose to get married in 2013 just to prove people wrong! - That a number will not affect how happy my marriage is, or the longevity of it. And even if I did get married in 2013 and my marriage didn't last, could I really blame the number 13 for this? - surely marriages don't last for