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make up artist for John Farrar

Yesterday I had the privilege of working with Photographer John Farrar .  I was asked into the studio by Emma Meston of Emmest Photography  and Model Alessandra Gage where we created a few different looks. It was truly a pleasure to be in such wonderful company and I couldn't but help loading up the first picture that John shared with me. hair and make up - Amy Prifti Model - Alessandro Gage Photographer - John Farrar Head Piece - Rachel Sigman Wig - Annabelle's Wigs

Futuristic Make Up Inspiration

I was asked to hold a couple of workshops at Brighton College to inspire their hair dressing students to create hair and make up for their end of year hair show. It is not possible to teach over 50 students how to apply make up in only 2 hours so I sat and demonstrated a few different techniques that would hopefully inspire them. I also had only 1 student to demonstrate 2 looks on so that I could show as many different techniques as possible: Soaped out eyebrows, custom made eyelashes with sequins on them, glitter eyebrows, textured greasepaint make up - glitter lips Soaped out eye brows - draw new eyebrows on. Lots of highlighting and shading - silver lines, glitter dots Sequin eyebrows, custom made eyelashes, colourful splodges with glitter on them, glitter outline to lips Black and silver face - lots of shading and highlighting, glitter streaks, custom made eyelashes, bling If you look back at make up throughout the ages - it is normally the eyebrows

How to design hair and make up for a fashion show

On Saturday 16th I was fortunate enough to be the hair and make up designer for Chrissie Nicholson-Wild for her new Autumn Winter 2013 capsule collection that she was showing off at the Guerilla Fashion Show at the Brighton Arts Centre for her brand 'Curve Couture' I have worked with Chrissie just a few times before so it was really important to get on her wave length with what she was wanting to achieve for the fashion show.  Luckily enough she was happy to give me full artistic range on the hair and make up but there is no point in doing this if it doesn't tie in with the designers theme. When designing hair and make up for someone else it is important to remember who your client is and why they have asked you to work with them - Your hair and make up needs to compliment and complete their look or theme to the best of its ability.  The finished look will never look right if you have gone off on your own tangent and not listened to the designers needs. That said.....