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How to apply make up on your eyebrows

People underestimate just how important it is to define and shape your eyebrows. If you have fair eyebrows that hardly get seen - do still get them shaped by either pucking or threading (I prefer both these to waxing as you get a much more defined and natural shape) Filling in eyebrows creates a natural 'lift' to the eye and also creates more space to your eyelid for applying eyeshadow. Please watch my video showing exactly how to fill in your eyebrows; It is up to you what make up product you use to fill in your eyebrows - I always you eyebrow powder as powder blends really well and you can correct any mistakes you make easily. Pencil will always give you a 'hardened' look. Wax will help keep your eyebrows in your desired shape. If your eyebrows are already quite full and don't need filling in it is still advisable to use a clear mascara to shape and define them. Remember - We don't only fill in our eyebrows to create a new shape, but some peop

How to Set your make up professionally so that it lasts all day

Ok, so you have found your perfect base and you have concealed in all the important places (see my previous blog) - now you need to set your make up so that it lasts all day. My next video shows you how to do this; Nearly all powders that you can buy at a cosmetic counter come in light, medium and dark - you will find that ALL of these colours are wrong for you.  If you have discovered your perfect foundation and concealer colour then why ruin it by putting a powder on top that will turn your face the wrong colour, and 8 times out of 10 too orange? I use a colourless (or White) powder which you can get either from supercover or dermacolor. I use this on all skin colours not matter how light or dark as it does not change the colour of your skin.  Do not be scared to use this on black skin - it doesn't leave you looking ashy, it will blend perfectly away. It is best to apply your powder using a powder puff - this way you can 'press' the powder into your skin, s

Where do I apply concealer?

Following on from my previous video's helping you with how to choose and apply the correct foundation, I thought I better make a video to help you complete your base. The age old debate of do I apply concealer before or after my foundation? Is still being discussed, but quite frankly, my reply is you conceal AFTER applying your foundation. Just think - You spend lots of time concealing your blemishes, dark shadows, under eye area and then you rub your foundation on top rubbing off all your concealer needing you to conceal once more on top of your foundation again! - Why not take out having to conceal twice by just applying your foundation first and your concealer on top? The next question is Where should I apply concealer? My video answers that for you, and wow, what a difference it makes! A lot of people ask  if they should be using two different colours for their concealer, a light one for around the eyes and a darker one for the rest of their face - the answer to thi