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How DID I get in the paper ?

Working as a freelance Make up artist and Hair stylist, I have never been with an agency and relied on just myself for getting work, so the question asked is - how DID I get in the paper? Here's a few examples of HOW? 1. Back in 1997 I worked in a photographic studio styling hair and doing make up - the studio was a great opportunity to work with other make up artists and to meet photographers.  I made great friends with a photographer called Elle who introduced me to her model friend, Lisa - together we set about working and living art! - We travelled to the Maldives together to do some test shoots for magazines, we even all slept together at Elle's studio in Hoxton Square, building a camp under her black back drops and drinking hot water with lemon! Whilst At this studio, we did the following shoot for Bliss for Brides It was so much fun with me and Lisa hiding behind black back drops and throwing pieces of fabric out to meet to use as the back ground ! 2. Fa

I promised results..... and here they are!

It was great to have pictures emailed to me with the finished looks from the 'Annabelle's wigs' fashion shoot with Lino Carbosiero. On the day we were looking to achieve two different looks with each new hair piece, a natural one (below photographed by the amazing Chris Giles) And a more high fashion look, photographed by the fantastic Martin Higgs. The shoot was photographed at Daniel Galvin's hair salon, styled by Joey Bevan, modeled by Holly Higgins and Katie Green, Hair styled by Lino Carbosiero and make up by me, Amy Prifti and all of this was done for Annabelle's Wigs new pieces in collaboration with Lino Carbosiero. I hope that you agree with me that the finished look is outstanding and the new hair pieces from Annabelle's wigs extremely versatile.

Behind the scenes at 'Collaboration between Annabelles wigs and Lino Carbosiero' Photoshoot

Recently I was offered a fantastic job I couldn't turn down (even though it involved a 5.30am start ugh) I was picked up by Photographer Chris Giles and Claire of Annabelle's wigs and taken up to London for the photo shoot to take place.  When I say London, I mean at Daniel Galvin's Hair salon in London (only the biggest Hair salon in the whole of Europe) - There, I met up with Lino Carbosiero, his assistant Josh, Fashion photographer Martin Higgs, Stylist Joey Bevan and his assistant Angela Gates.  I was also introduced to the lovely Model Katie Green (who had travelled all the way down from Northampton) and also Holly Higgins (travelled the furthest from Cardiff) Together with this very lovely team of people we achieved both natural and fashion looks to show off the new pieces from Annabelle's wigs.   Here are behind the scene pics ; This was a thoroughly enjoyable day, and even though myself, Claire and Chris were almost falling asleep on the way home


Every now and then I come across a miraculous product that I would love to yell from the roof tops that everyone should have this product in their make up bags. Instead of yelling, I have decided to blog about a few of them - The 'Eraser Pencil' is a pencil made from wax that will instantly get rid of your make up mistakes for you just as an eraser will rub out unwanted pencil marks! If you have blinked or looked up whilst your mascara is still wet and ended up with mascara over your eyelids or under your eyes, just use this handy little pencil to draw over your mistakes and then rub off with either your finger or a tissue.  - You can use this pencil on any make up mistakes you have - wonky eyeliner, lip liner that wasn't quite the right shape, too much blusher etc - you get my drift! Another great product is - Concealer pencil. There are many ways that you can apply these little beauties, but the best place is to use them as you would a 'white' pencil (oh s