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Make up Artist - Amy Prifti

A different kinda post to my normal ones.   This is a personal message from me..... Just putting it out there! My name is Amy Prifti.  I am a make up artist and I'm bloody good at my job.  There, I've said it! So why, when I tell a model who is putting their face in my hands and has never met me before or seen examples of my work 'Don't worry - I'm a great make up artist' am I met with people who think that I am pretentious and 'up my own arse?' I agree - I am extremely certain of myself and what I can achieve.  Make up is all I have ever known, from age 8 when I would make over my friends to look like the lady on the front of a magazine to age 13 when I started designing the hair and make up for all my school, and then college performances. I worked my first Opera house and my first feature film aged 16 where I would clean make up brushes and sort hair pins whilst watching, learning and working my damnest to impress and to get the opportu