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Make up tips to make your eyes appear bigger, wider, brighter and more almond shape

The above video is a demonstration of tips and tricks of how to make your eyes appear bigger, wider, brighter and more almond shape. When we look at the face there are certain measurements to take account of.  These measurements are based on 'the perfect oval face shape' and using this it will help us to understand the differences that we need to make to our faces to create an illusion to others. In the case of the eyes - if you measure how wide your eye is using your thumb and forefinger, this should be the same distance that you have between your eyes (above the nose) and either side of your eye (towards your hair line); Now that you have checked your measurement, you should have learned if your eyes are wider apart or closer together - now apply make up to create the illusion that they are in the 'perfect place' If you want to give the illusion that your eyes are further apart, always keep your eyeshadow colour lighter on the inside (closer t

How to create a natural day time eyeshadow look

This video demonstrates how to create a natural fresh day time look with your eyeshadow, using fresh colours. So many people often opt for the 'safe ' option when applying their eyeshadow, often opting for browns and golds and neutral tones. Don't be scared with using colours - this video will help to show you how to apply and blend colours so that they look natural. I have used greens and golds and pink eyeshadow in my video, so just have a little fun playing around and see what you like and what suits you. You can choose your eyeshadow to complement what colour eyes you have or a contrasting colour to really bring them out, or you can choose colours to match your outfit or just depending on your mood. My next blog will help you with finishing off your final look and includes small tips and tricks which will help you with how to make your eyes look, brighter, wider and fuller. I hope you enjoy :-)

Harry Derbridge wearing Annabelle's Wigs to his Wig Party with the TOWIE cast

8.30am on Friday 13th and I get a phonecall from Annabelle's Wigs. "Amy, we are going to Essex - we have been asked to put on our wigs and style them for Harry Derbridge's 18th Birthday Party. - We are providing wigs for Harry, Amy Childs, Jessica Wright, Claireabella and family!" First things first, Harry wants a wig with a quiff, so I have to make one! - We decide to opt for a short blonde wig which I style so that it has a big quiff and brush the sides back.  Once happy, we are ready to go! Ok! I say so we pack up our wigs, get in the car and drive to Essex. - With Harry's wig safely strapped into the back seat; Harry's Wig Our first stop is with Claireabella - who makes the most beautiful bags She is the most adorable person, as is her husband and they are so excited for their business going stateside soon! She opts for a Pastel Pink Wig , then off we go..... Next stop is Amy Child'