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Wedding Wigs and Hair Pieces

I have always seen wigs and hair pieces as a bit of a challenge - When a bride would sit down and say to me 'I have really fine hair so there's not much you can do with it' I always accept the 'challenge' and go full steam ahead giving the bride a full bodied hair look (mainly through setting in heated curlers and a lot of back combing) - When someone asks for an Amy Winehouse Beehive, I never shy away - more backcombing! and when someone wants a nice full bun I am happy to style this for them. What I tend to  forget is that many people want to achieve this for themselves, and they want an instant transformation without the hassle of setting their hair in curlers and backcombing, let alone having to style their own hair at the back without even managing to see the back! (I knew eyes on the back of the head was a good idea for something!) Most wigs that I came across were very complicated to put in, and hair extensions take forever plus are very expensive so what

The 2012 Wedding Industry Awards

Well, This is the first year that I have been entered into the wedding industry awards - Thank you for entering me ! Guess What ? ...................................... I have been shortlisted,  So a big Thank you to ALL my brides who voted for me. Here is what they said ........... GENERAL COMMENTS  “ I wanted a striking look on my wedding day to compliment by 50s vintage dress and Amy understood exactly what I was after. I had so many compliments! ” “ Amy came round to my House prior to the Wedding for a trial of Hair and Make up for myself and my bridesmaids. We took a long time deciding what style to have our hair but Amy was very helpful and patient. On the day of the Wedding Amy was at the Hotel dead on 8 am as arranged. She was bright and bubbly and gave us tips and advice through out the morning. We were all very satisfied with the end result. Both our hair and make up were perfect. The day of my wedding was very windy!!! My hair stayed looking good for the

Make up for darker skin tones

For some reason a lot of make up artists don't feel confident when applying make up for darker skintones -  I love dark skin tones - make up really enhances their skin and colours look vibrant and fresh all day long. Mistakes made on darker skin tones - If you use a coloured powder to set the foundation, the skin can end up looking quite 'ashy' and not so fresh, therefore I always use a colourless (white) fine powder which simply sets the make up without changing the skin tone. Darker Matt Eyeshadow colours don't always show up on darker skintones - If you do want to go dark and sultry - always use a shimmer eyeshadow and insert a bit of colour (purple is great mixed with black and brown as it gives depth to the shadow) Always ask your model what they want to change about their features - Noses can be slimed down (if requested) by Shading on the outside of the nose and highlighting down the center. Lips can Always be made to look thinner by applying a darker lip col

New Make Up

Oooh, Look what I got today ...... This is what a box of Supercover Make up looks like - exciting or what? Just take a look at all those colours - foundation colours, eyeshadow colours, lipstick colours plus brushes, primers and powders - I am a little girl in a sweet shop with all these products! I have been using Supercover for the last 3 years now, although I was introduced to the company who makes supercover - Beauty republica back in 2002 and have been using various items of their make up throughout the last 11 years. I use Supercover foundation on all my brides, models and clients as I can always find the right colour for the correct skintone without having to mix a few colours together, the pigment is enough to conceal uneven skintones, yet it is light enough so it doesn't feel heavy on the skin - The foundation itself always lasts for at least 12 hours and remains looking fresh for the entire day. I will be looking forward to using all my new make up over the ne


My new company which you can view at       I made the decision to start up this business after I met so many talented students on my adult leisure courses that I teach at Sussex Downs College.  I taught many students the art of Make Up Artistry and some were very talented, in fact so talented that I could not let their talents go to waste. With this in mind, the wellbeing angels was formed - I had a team of Massage therapists, Beauticians, Make up artists and Hair stylists who could visit different workplaces to bring wellbeing into the workplace! I was still in the very early stages of setting this business up when I took my children to their school disco, here I met Katie Weir, a Personal Trainer who thought that she would be a great asset to the wellbeing angels team so that I could also offer exercise in the workplace - that, teamed up with me being a Zumba Instructor and hey presto, something else for workplaces! Now that this ide