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How will my make-up stay fixed for my wedding day and will I need touch up's?

Hi there, so my most asked question by brides on their wedding day is this; Will my make-up stay on all day? And what should I do if I need touch ups?        My reply is always the same; because your make-up is applied and set professionally, this will stay on all day and throughout the night of your reception and you should need no touch ups at all. Not even your lipstick,  but if you do want to buy a similar colour lipstick or take a gloss along with you to touch up, feel free to do so. This is always met with a slightly sceptical smile and I do say that my references  all speak for themselves. So, yesterday I decided  to do an experiment to prove this to you; On the 9th August 2016 I took part in the Spartan Race at London Olympic Park - This involved me running 7.3km and completing 20 obstacles including Wall climbs, log carries, javelin, monkey bars, sand bag carries, rope climbs, fire jumps and more. I had a few hours to prepare before driving up to