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making over Arg from Towie to look like Tom Cruise in Rock of ages for Closer Magazine

So, last month I received a phone call from celebrity make up artist Natacha Schmitt asking me if I can cut and style a wig for Arg from Towie. The spec was that we were to make him look like Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages seeing as it was coming out on DVD that week. The hoot was in London and we was to create two looks, copying poses from the film. Straight away I got on the phone to Annabelle's Wigs and ordered the relevant wig for me to 'hack' into. Ready and armed with wig, I set off to the London studio where we was shooting. Once there, the photographer said that we was recreating a shot where a wind machine was used to blow up the hair behind the head...... but with NO wind machine!  Therefore it was up to me to style and spray the hair so that it looks like it was being blown back with the following result..... The second shot was to be more face on with the hair styled down and a warmer orange background. This was a really fun shoot to be a part of with

Annabelle's Wigs competition for the Teenage Cancer Trust headed by Amy Childs from TOWIE

I am very proud to have been asked to help organise the below competition to help raise awareness and money for the teenage cancer trust.  I think that this is an excellent opportunity for all young people aged between 13 and 24 to design a wig and offers a fantastic prize plus two runner up prizes.  We have been fortunate enough to have Amy Childs to head this competition for Annabelle's Wigs and would really like to get you all involved; The competition We are asking you to design a wig that will appeal to people between 13-24.   This will then have to be uploaded onto the Annabelle’s Wigs   facebook page; You can base your design on a photo, celebrity’s hair, you can sketch your design or describe it to us.   The winning wig will be chosen by Amy Childs and the Annabelle’s Wigs team who will be looking out for it’s durability, how ‘on trend’ it is and also how relevant it is to the age range it i