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Amy Childs at Lipsy clothing line launch

Here at Annabelle's Wigs - we are very proud of Amy and her new clothing line that she launched today. She looked amazing in all 3 outfits she wore to launch her new clothing range. We are also so happy that she could show off her new locks - not glue in extensions but our very own 3/4 hair piece which you can purchase through our website. This 3/4 wig comes in two lengths - The Michela  and the extra long length - The Kate The hair used for these two pieces is flexi hair which is heat proof up to heats of 110 degrees so that the pieces themselves can be straightened, curled and styled any way you like to. Amy's hair colour is Cherry red, but these pieces also come in a selection of blond and brunette colours. Amy teamed up her hair piece with a plait headband which we think looks ultra cute. You can also get your Annabelle's Wigs headband from us by clicking on This Link If you need any help choosing the correct colour for y

Amy Childs wears Annabelle's Wigs to her Hair Vajazzle launch

Amy Childs phoned me at Annabelle's Wigs asking to wear our Blonde Bob to launch her new hair vajazzles today so last night I set about decorating the bob using her hair  vajazzles so that it could be worn to today's launch. Firstly, the vajazzles themselves are super cute - I love the hearts, they are amazing. Second, the hair vajazzles are so quick and easy to attach to your hair - you simply apply them using your hair straighteners and the jewels will stay set in their place. I started off by decorating the wig with the vajazzles that had been supplied to us, and got to work putting them all around the front and sides of the wig; Then today we drove to Amy's house to place the wig on her.  When wearing a wig, it is best to pin up all your hair as flat as possible so that you don't have any unwanted hair showing. Once we had tried the wig on, we decided to add a few more jewels so that it shimmered as much as possible during the launch of her new pro

How to define your lips and make your lipstick last all day

Lipstick is making a comeback! so if you are used to just applying a gloss or lip balm take heed of these tips for you. Always line your lips using a lip liner - this can be either a nude colour or can be matched up with the lipstick that you are using. Why use a lip liner? for 3 main reasons; 1. to define the shape of your lips 2. to stop your lipstick from bleeding over the edges 3. it helps your lipstick stay on for longer. When you line your lips you have to decided whether you are lining them exactly on your existing line whilst trying to even your lips up (nones lips are symmetrical), whether you want to line your lips just inside your existing outline (making them slightly smaller) or just outside your existing lip line (making them slightly bigger) Also, take a look at your cupids bow (top lip) to decide whether they are rounded or more pointy, then change them to meet your requirements. Once you have lined ALWAYS apply your lipstick using a l

How and Where to Apply blusher, plus what colour suits your skin tone

This video demonstrates how and where to apply blusher. When I teach my Make up courses, I always come across people using Bronzer as their blusher - this is a big NO NO! why?......... well, for a few reasons; 1. no one blushes orange! (therefore your blush doesn't look natural) 2. normally blushers have sparkle and shimmer in them which makes your cheeks look like they are sweating! 3. because bronzer if for finishing off your make up so that you have a tint of a tan or holiday look about you. The other huge mistake that most people make is that they apply their blusher with a great big brush.  This is wrong because; 1. Your cheeks aren't actually that big! 2. you need to be able to control where you place your blusher and you can't do this with a huge brush. 3. Using a big brush will just apply blusher onto the whole of your face when really you need to define and sculpt your cheeks to complete your make up look. So, a few pointers; 1. use a good sized