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Fashion shoot with an illustrator on board

It was great to team up with photographer Emma Jane Lewis , Models Markie Pearl and Wiktoria Salajczyk and Stylist Zoe Van Spyk of We are Water Vintage  once more to create these images. Emma had an illustrator on board,  Sneha Kalra and and I had no idea what the final images would look like until they were printed in Elegant Magazine and I got my first few peeks. The Spec of this shoot was based around 'Colour Pop' with the colour palette and styling based around bright colours, bold lines, lots of pink and light blue. Eyebrows to play a part in the colour pop and to really show.  Also to think about the option of using wigs.  Styling to be similar - colour pop and retro. I love the final images and feel that the illustration adds a whole new dimension to the finished photos.  I decided to share both illustrated and non side by side for you to form your own opinion as to which you prefer and will explain how I achieved the hair and make-up further down.