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How do I choose which make-up course is best for me?

Why should I chose the Sussex Make-up Academy ? So, the reason that  I  decided to set up the Sussex make-up academy is that I  recognised that not enough training make-up artists are being taught by teachers who actually work in the make-up industry meaning that they just aren't up to date with techniques and how we go about turning a training course in to a full time career.   Of course, there are many private make-up courses who offer training from tutor's who work in the industry which is great - I chose one of these schools for that reason.  Although the course was great and covered a wide range of make-up skills, I did find that the majority of the 'working tutors' were either not at the peak of their career, or that they were so scared that the students were going to take their jobs from them that they chose not to share all information and skills with us. So, what do we do differently at the Sussex Make-up Academy? All I can say is

Want to be a make-up artist?

Running make-up courses in Sussex and London. So much time and work has gone into building the new website that I haven't had time to do anything else!  The thing with building websites is that it is really difficult to get across what I really  want to say - I want to put all my passion and excitement into my website, I want to shout from the roof tops, hills and mountains how amazing the Sussex Make-up Academy is and how much I believe in it and I hope this has come across on the site without giving you too much to read! Firstly I want to say that we have tried our best to offer as many professional courses as we possibly could to offer everyone wanting to become a make-up artist the biggest opportunity to have a successful career. Second, I want to say that Nicola and I really care about your career - We know that you are investing in a career and we will help and support you in every way that we can, from providing hands on work experience and sh

Fashion Editorial for Solis Magazine - A make up artist's point of view

You can see my full Fashion Editorial for Solis Magazine here  Solis Magazine - Crazy Beautiful As well as sharing the above article, I wanted to write something a bit more personal. I am going to begin with the end of the day..... Once this photo shoot had finished,  I dropped everyone back at the train station to go home. Photographer David Long turned to me and asked 'you know you're good, right?' These five little words asked to an artist are not easy to answer. I can say that I know I'm not a bad make up artist, and I can say that I  know I am good enough to make a career out of it. Being a make up artist is my life, it is all I have ever loved, it is all I have ever known, it is all I have ever wanted to be. I realise that I am extremely lucky to be doing what I love and I will make sure that I carry on doing it, I have worked as a make up artist whilst travelling abroad, it has seen me through one marriage and two beautiful children, and carries on g

Photoshoot with Raphaella with love, Elle Beth & Lola Day

Wedding dress designer and maker Chrissie Nicholson-Wild created 3 stunning new designs in muted tones and these were the basis of my most recent wedding photoshoot. Before I waffle on about the day, please take a look at this behind the scenes video which was filmed and edited by Agne Kovalkova and captured the day beautifully; As well as showing off a few processes that go in to a shoot of this scale, this video shows how we all work - in a relaxed manner and always smiling to the end. What the video doesn't show so well was exactly how much it rained that day! The rain was truly relentless. It was decided that Chrissie, Myself and Photographer David Long would team up together once more after the success of of our Amberley castle photoshoot featuring the red dresses. Chrissie showed me the designs and fabrics of the dresses that she wanted to create and from there we looked at locations that would fit in with the overall feeling of the dresses.  We decided on woodlan

Wedding at Anne of Cleves House, Lewes. Followed by reception at Mount Harry House

When I met Susie for her wedding trial, I knew that her wedding would be unique.  We discussed her dress and veil before she introduced me to her headpiece.  We worked in a curly up do with plaits to make the most of her headpiece and she loved the look. I then took down the details for her wedding day and she mentioned that she was getting ready at Mount Harry House just outside Lewes - A venue that I had never been to before so straight away I was excited!  Following the strict instructions provided, I was met by this view of Mount Harry House and I couldn't wait to get inside. The interior was very artistic and quirky so I couldn't resist a look around the grounds too! The rose garden A Yurt for the bride and groom (if they don't wish to sleep in the house itself.) Camping all set up for bridesmaids and guests . The gorgeous views go on forever. Susie's lovely headdress and vintage veil Susie in her wedding