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New Year Make Over

Hi guys. I have a new boudoir shoot to share with you all.... A competition was offered in ETC magazine offering one lucky ready a boudoir shoot.  Readers applied in their thousands.  The winner - Hayley Fruer was over the moon to win...... although completely apprehensive (this is something that had entered the back of her mind from time to time but she didn't ever think that she would go through with it!) Hayley won a night's stay at the hotel Pelirocco , a make over by myself , a boudoir shoot with Emma Meston at Taboudoir , an Annabelle's hair piece , a head dress by Big Bead Boutique  and lingerie from She Said Boutique . To add to all of this excitement it was also Hayley's Birthday :-) So, with champagne at the ready and a spec of 'the great Gatsby' off we set to work; Before shot of Hayley Doing Hayley's make up with her piece from Annabelle's Wigs already attached     Hayley in her peacock finery!   The final

Make Up Inspiration

Every now and then I like to get into the studio with a model and photographer to have some creative fun, learn and use new techniques and generally this helps me to become a better make up artist and hair stylist. Sometimes these 'studio days' have a plan which takes a few weeks to get everything together before we all meet up and create the final look. Other times we just play it by ear, wait until we get to the studio or some one will put forward a suggestion which we go with and then let the shoot unfold before our eyes. My Latest shoot was the later of the 3 above. I got together with photographer Emma Meston -  and model / hair stylist Yolanda Carella with a 'monochrome' out line. I quickly ordered a few bobs from Annabelle's Wigs so that we could play around with a few different styles and we all met up at the studio. The studio that we was in has a huge 'prop' section, lots of clothes an

Alan Carr as the X Factor judges for Closer Magazine

I received a phone call from Closer magazine asking me to help make up artist Natacha Schmitt make over Alan Carr to become each x factor judge! The phonecall was received one day before the shoot ...... we only had 1 hour with the fantastically funny man Mr Carr and the pressure was on! Equipped with Annabelle's Wigs, stipple sponges, false eyelashes, nail polish, fake nails and anything else we could think of we met up at the London Television Studios and was shown to a dressing room where we promptly set up, including the photographer putting up his white screen. In came Alan and off we set to work! Starting on Louis Walsh - as Natacha made him up, I set to spraying his hair grey, plonked a smiffy's wig on top and the final touches of 'broken cappileries' were added to his cheeks and he was ready Now on to Gary Barlow - off with the wig, now to spray his hair brown instead!  The red cheeks were removed by Natacha, make up re-applied and we stippled o