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Creating the hair and make-up for Fashion Editorial

It was great to get to work with Photographer Emma-Jane Lewis and an all female team on this shoot back in November 2016. We was joined by Stylist Zoe Van Spyk of We are Water Vintage and Models Markie Pearl and Wiktoria Saajcxyk.  We shot this set at Tichbourne Studios in Brighton. Before hand, the entire team had quite a lot of communication and for this set we was working to the following brief - 'Strong lines, pantsuits. Block colours as well as the odd floral.  And Stylist Zoe didn't let us down with the wardrobe she provided!  Although we have as much communication as possible Pre-shoot, we never know what to expect until the actual day when everyone turns up and we take a look at what we have to work with.  With this in mind, I never fully 'set' a hair and make-up look as these are always subject to change! It was a privilege to have these images published in BeauNu Magazine and is always a nice little perk of the job to see my work in pr

Wedding Hair and Make-up Trial

I don't ever really get to share photos of brides at their wedding trial stage 1. because we want to keep the look under wraps and keep it as a surprise for the wedding day itself and 2. because the bride always loos so much more stunning in the complete look with dress, flowers and jewellery on so I don't tend to find it useful to share 'trial' photos. Now, every wedding hair and make-up artist works differently so this post is simply to share the way that I approach wedding trials and what I have found works best for the bride. 1. Each bride and wedding is unique - I always want to listen to what it is that you want for your wedding day and will discuss looks in person but it is always helpful for you to have some kind of mood board to share with me. 2. It is always helpful to see your dress and the bridesmaids dress plus to discuss what flowers and type of wedding that you are having. 3. It is important for me to find out whether you are a neat symme

Creating the hair and make-up for Isaac Raymond Photo Shoot

 How I created the hair and make-up for our photo shoot with designer Isaac Raymond at the Buster and Punch Showroom.  Look 1 -   Anorexia. This simple but peaceful piece is the final dress for the anorexia garments. It symbolises that the girl has managed to combat her illness and overcome it. She can finally be at peace with herself. The flowing white tulle shows her new freedom and the fact the she is so happy to be able to now show her body and be proud of it. The lace 'floating' lace appliqué also has little crystals on them to add a glitter of light. (Isaac Raymond) Hair - I wanted to create texture with the hair to carry through the lace that Isaac had incorporated in to his design so sectioned the front hair away from the rest of the hair and pinned aside for later attention.  I then crimped the rest of Nicole's hair to create texture.  I then set to work with my assistant, Zoe on the front section.  We used very small transparent elastic bands that you buy

Isaac Raymond shoot at Buster and Punch

I first met designer Isaac Raymond in 2014 when I was asked to design the hair and make-up for his catwalk 'Over the Rainbow' .  I am an avid follower and admirer of his work, his insight and his talents and really enjoy watching him grow and develop throughout the years. In May 2016 Isaac asked me if I could create the hair and make-up for a photo-shoot using his new collection 'The Revolution of Bravery'.  We met up and discussed the key looks and the background story to this new collection which was based around mental health. I loved the ideas that he had and the story behind the costumes and really looked forward to supporting Isaac again. It was great to team up with photographer David Long from Exposure Studios London once again and together, the three of us promptly created a mood board on Pinterest  which can be found here . The shoot was to take place in luxury interior designers Buster and Punch 's workshop in London and models Nicole Dutschk