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What happens at my weddding trial?

I always recommend a wedding trial for your hair and make up for many reasons; 1. You will get  chance to try out as many different looks as you like before deciding on the perfect look for your wedding day. 2. It will give you the chance to meet your make up artist / hair stylist to make sure that she is the type of person you want around you on your wedding day. 3. It is best to find out that you are not allergic to any of the products used on your hair and face before your wedding day. I offer a set price for trials, not an hourly rate as I want to make sure that you do not feel rushed or that anyone is clock watching.  Your trial will take as long as it needs to for us to create your perfect look, be it 1 hour or 4 hours! I never limit the make up and hair that I offer to just 'one look' - It is just as important to rule out what you don't like as it is what you do like. Before I meet a bride for her trial, I always make sure to email them with the

How to choose a photographer for your wedding day - Introducing Marianne Chua

ABOUT YOU........  What is your background? I’m Marianne, I’m a young (in my head) photographer who specialises in weddings but who occasionally ganders with music photography as well. I’m self-taught through the school of Google, so essentially I learnt everything I know from online resources and trial and erroring during my film photography hobby days… then one day a friend asked me to photograph their wedding so I picked up a digital camera and haven’t stopped since! I still own 16 film cameras and will be using some of them at the weddings. ABOUT YOUR COMPANY Tell me a bit about your company and what you have to offer to the wedding industry. I’m a wedding photographer offering a fun, relaxed, alternative documentary style of photography! I’m based in London but I adventure all over to shoot weddings. I offer a more modern and quirky service, I think the kind of clients that book me want someone friendly who can blend into their day and be a part of it ra