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Getting married at Boships Lions Farm Hotel

This is Joanne

Joanne got married on April 1st at  Boship Lions Farm Hotel
Yep, you heard that right - April 1st, April fools day! I think this is my first ever April fools day wedding in the 13 years that I have had my bridal hair and make-up business.
There was no foolery at this beautiful wedding.  Joanne looked amazing and it was a joy to be a part of her wedding day with her gorgeous family.

Those of you who know me, know that I LOVE a good wedding shoe and Joanne's are absolutely no exception.  Just look how amazing these shoes are.  I want a pair for every day wear!

I carried out a trial for both Joanne and her mum a couple of months before the wedding.  Both ladies are natural beauty's who don't wear a lot of make-up so were slightly anxious but my trial put them at ease, knowing that I had taken time to listen to how they would like to look for the wedding day and achieving their perfect look.  I love making people feel great about how they look and in return this creates a confidence about them.

Even Joanne's daughter got in on the action and enjoyed having her hair done.  She was so cute and really well behaved for the entire morning.

Joanne and her bridal party all looking stunning and ready for their perfect day ahead.
I love a gorgeous spring bouquet - I got married in the Spring myself and the colours of all the lovely spring flowers always make a beautiful bouquet.

....... You may think I could be exhausted from all the morning's fun but now I get the privilege to have a little nosey around and take photos of all the little gorgeous wedding details;

Big Love lights and the wedding cake - surely a must for all weddings

Sweetie cart, reception table layout and top table all checked out in a beautiful rustic style with gorgeous spring flowers

Rustic hearts and post box for special written memories of their special day - How amazing are these?

And as for Boship Lions Farm Hotel, I can safely say that there is no other place like it at all.

As you drive into the Hotel, you are met by two lion statues painted white and gold.

There are many animal statues in the forecourt and around the grounds of the hotel as well as many small lakes/

As the name would suggest, there is a farm on site with emu's, alpacas and plenty more animals.  The site really takes your breath away.

I love the swan pedalo boats that can be found on a few of the lakes

You will see ducks and geese walking around freely

And to top all of that..... get a load of this car!

The car belongs to the owner of the hotel who was around all morning making sure that the day was perfect for Joanne.  His attention to detail was amazing and he was extremely thoughtful for the entire morning.  I have never experienced this kind of wonderful treatment elsewhere and it really felt like he couldn't do enough for Joanne on the day which, in turn made her feel very special.  What more can you ask for on your wedding day?!

Wishing Joanne all the best, keep in touch! :-)

Wedding hair and make-up - Amy Prifti


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