Amy Childs wears Annabelle's Wigs to her Hair Vajazzle launch

Amy Childs phoned me at Annabelle's Wigs asking to wear our Blonde Bob to launch her new hair vajazzles today so last night I set about decorating the bob using her hair  vajazzles so that it could be worn to today's launch.
Firstly, the vajazzles themselves are super cute - I love the hearts, they are amazing.
Second, the hair vajazzles are so quick and easy to attach to your hair - you simply apply them using your hair straighteners and the jewels will stay set in their place.

I started off by decorating the wig with the vajazzles that had been supplied to us, and got to work putting them all around the front and sides of the wig;

Then today we drove to Amy's house to place the wig on her.  When wearing a wig, it is best to pin up all your hair as flat as possible so that you don't have any unwanted hair showing.

Once we had tried the wig on, we decided to add a few more jewels so that it shimmered as much as possible during the launch of her new product;

And the outcome????


Annabelle's Wigs are looking for individual sales reps all over the country to hold wig parties and make yourself commission on any pieces sold.
If you are interested in joining our ever growing team, please email me at

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