How and Where to Apply blusher, plus what colour suits your skin tone

This video demonstrates how and where to apply blusher.

When I teach my Make up courses, I always come across people using Bronzer as their blusher - this is a big NO NO! why?......... well, for a few reasons;
1. no one blushes orange! (therefore your blush doesn't look natural)
2. normally blushers have sparkle and shimmer in them which makes your cheeks look like they are sweating!
3. because bronzer if for finishing off your make up so that you have a tint of a tan or holiday look about you.

The other huge mistake that most people make is that they apply their blusher with a great big brush.  This is wrong because;
1. Your cheeks aren't actually that big!
2. you need to be able to control where you place your blusher and you can't do this with a huge brush.
3. Using a big brush will just apply blusher onto the whole of your face when really you need to define and sculpt your cheeks to complete your make up look.

So, a few pointers;
1. use a good sized blusher brush such as this one from Victoria Loves Beauty
Professional Angled Contour Face/Cheek Makeup Brush £10.99
Because this one is angled, you have control over where you place your blusher and how much blusher you apply.
2. think about what colour you naturally blush, or what shade your faces turns when you have worked out - is it more pinky? Red? or Orange?
3. Once you have worked out what colour your naturally blush, apply this colour to your cheeks for a very natural glow.

How to get the most out of your face shape;
If your face is quite long, you don't want to elongate it further so rather than applying your blusher where your cheek bones currently are, bring your blush out horizontally so that it create the illusion of your face being shorter.
If your face is short, apply your blusher in a vertical way from the apples up and out towards your hair line, or temples.
If you want to slim your face, apply blusher to the apples of your cheeks then shade the outer sides of your face.

I will post a video demonstrating how to shade and highlight soon so that you can get the complete finished look.


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