How to define your lips and make your lipstick last all day

Lipstick is making a comeback! so if you are used to just applying a gloss or lip balm take heed of these tips for you.

Always line your lips using a lip liner - this can be either a nude colour or can be matched up with the lipstick that you are using.

Why use a lip liner? for 3 main reasons;
1. to define the shape of your lips
2. to stop your lipstick from bleeding over the edges
3. it helps your lipstick stay on for longer.

When you line your lips you have to decided whether you are lining them exactly on your existing line whilst trying to even your lips up (nones lips are symmetrical), whether you want to line your lips just inside your existing outline (making them slightly smaller) or just outside your existing lip line (making them slightly bigger)

Also, take a look at your cupids bow (top lip) to decide whether they are rounded or more pointy, then change them to meet your requirements.

Once you have lined ALWAYS apply your lipstick using a lip brush (this helps the shape but also keeps your lipstick on for longer)

Do layer your lipstick up so that it has full staying power - the old tip of blotting and powdering between layers really does work so you can choose to do this if you like although watch out for your lips feeling a bit too 'powdery'

Finishing touches;
Gloss if you want a shiny finish.
If you want to bring out a 'pout' to your lips, dab a little shimmer gloss or shadow to the middle of your lips top and bottom then blend.

I always set all make up using a fixier spray that makes it all waterproof and sweat proof!


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