Wedding Wigs and Hair Pieces

I have always seen wigs and hair pieces as a bit of a challenge - When a bride would sit down and say to me 'I have really fine hair so there's not much you can do with it' I always accept the 'challenge' and go full steam ahead giving the bride a full bodied hair look (mainly through setting in heated curlers and a lot of back combing) - When someone asks for an Amy Winehouse Beehive, I never shy away - more backcombing! and when someone wants a nice full bun I am happy to style this for them.

What I tend to  forget is that many people want to achieve this for themselves, and they want an instant transformation without the hassle of setting their hair in curlers and backcombing, let alone having to style their own hair at the back without even managing to see the back! (I knew eyes on the back of the head was a good idea for something!)

Most wigs that I came across were very complicated to put in, and hair extensions take forever plus are very expensive so what is a girl to do?


I was introduced to Annabelle's wigs in March this year and was in awe of how easy the hair pieces were to put on, how comfortable they were once in and also how affordable they are.
Annabelle's Wigs are a quick fix to changing your hair style, colour, more body for your hair, and now, with her new collection out with Lino Carbosiero - She has wigs that are heat proof and that you can style yourself - make curly wigs straight, put some funk into that bun.... limitless fun can be had with your hair pieces.

Here are a few examples of my favourites -
 Fish Tail Plait head band (the rest is the models own hair plaited)
Heat resistant hair piece that you can either curl or straighten giving lots of height at the crown and length at the back (styled up in this photo)
 Bob Wig - available in lots of colours for 'girls who want to have fun'
 Plaited bun for instant glamour
Full red wig for those of you who can't decide just what colour to be - YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!

As far as Annabelle's Wig's collaboration with Lino Carbosiero goes - You can not get more fantastic hair pieces that are heat proof, easy to put in at such fantastic prices - It has only just been announced that The Saturdays are taking these hair pieces on their next tour - Congratulations to Annabelle's Wig's and Lino Carbosiero.
Here are a few of their hair pieces -
 Full wig Straightened
 3-in-1 plaited
Low sleek ponytail

And as for me? - Well here are the before and after shots of me sporting my very own 3 quarter bob from Annabelle's Wig's - the Lino Carbosiero Collection

So whether you want a change but not the commitment, if you need longer hair for styling, if you are forever changing your mind, if you want an instant transformation, if you are looking for a different colour - You now only need to visit one place! - Enjoy Playing!

Wigs supplied by Annabelle's Wigs -
Photography by Chris Giles -
Make up and Hair styling - Amy Prifti -


  1. I was just wondering, can you see the seam of the 3/4 wig where you put it in your hair very easily? Could we see more photos from the back, sides and top? THANKYOU FOR AN AMAZING POST! Laura xx


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