New Make Up

Look what I got today ......
This is what a box of Supercover Make up looks like - exciting or what?

Just take a look at all those colours - foundation colours, eyeshadow colours, lipstick colours plus brushes, primers and powders - I am a little girl in a sweet shop with all these products!

I have been using Supercover for the last 3 years now, although I was introduced to the company who makes supercover - Beauty republica back in 2002 and have been using various items of their make up throughout the last 11 years.

I use Supercover foundation on all my brides, models and clients as I can always find the right colour for the correct skintone without having to mix a few colours together, the pigment is enough to conceal uneven skintones, yet it is light enough so it doesn't feel heavy on the skin - The foundation itself always lasts for at least 12 hours and remains looking fresh for the entire day.

I will be looking forward to using all my new make up over the next few weeks, on brides, models, members of the public, and myself.

If you want any more information on supercover products please feel free to email me  -

Happy Make Up shopping!


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