Wedding Hair and Make-up Trial

I don't ever really get to share photos of brides at their wedding trial stage 1. because we want to keep the look under wraps and keep it as a surprise for the wedding day itself and 2. because the bride always loos so much more stunning in the complete look with dress, flowers and jewellery on so I don't tend to find it useful to share 'trial' photos.

Now, every wedding hair and make-up artist works differently so this post is simply to share the way that I approach wedding trials and what I have found works best for the bride.

1. Each bride and wedding is unique - I always want to listen to what it is that you want for your wedding day and will discuss looks in person but it is always helpful for you to have some kind of mood board to share with me.

2. It is always helpful to see your dress and the bridesmaids dress plus to discuss what flowers and type of wedding that you are having.

3. It is important for me to find out whether you are a neat symmetrical girl, or a loose and messy type of girl!

4. I never charge by the hour - It is at the trial that I will have probably met you for the first time ever so we need time to relax, have a cuppa and to break the ice before moving onto creating your perfect loo for the day.

5. I don't limit you (or myself) as to styles for your trial.  I will listen and create what look you would like but I will also suggest something that I feel would compliment your look and try it out so that you can see for yourself.  I encourage you to take photos of each and every look that we try out, and at all different angles and if I have provided you with a few different hair options that you are not sure which to go for, you are free to show and discuss your different options with your friends and family rather than having to decide on the day.

Before your trial, you will normally receive an email from me with a few helpful tips along the lines of  'Please make sure that you wash your hair the day before you see me at the latest and don’t use straighteners on it once it is washed.
It is important to arrive bare faced but if you have any photos of how you normally do your make-up this can be helpful.
If you are getting married in white, I suggest you wear a white top to your trial and if you do have any hair decoration, flowers or your veil, this could be helpful for your trial (don’t worry if you don’t have these items, they are not a necessity)

If you have any photos of hair and make-up ideas that you like, please bring them along to your trial, you can find inspiration from me here -

You can see by the photos the difference it makes once the hair and make-up is created on your wedding day rather than at the actual trial itself.  I do find it quite difficult to explain this - At your trial, you tend to be quite relaxed and wearing relaxed clothing and shoes, so to create a special hair and make-up and for it to feel 'really' special, you have to wait until your wedding day to see it all come together - The hair, make-up, flowers, dress, jewellery etc for you to get that special feeling.
It is always worth having any questions ready before your trial day and to discuss any problems that you have hair and skin wise plus any solutions that you have discovered really work for you.

I also feel that it is very important not to try anything too 'new' or 'different' from your every day looks.  Not only am I creating your hair and make-up for your special day, but the look that I create makes you feel amazing about yourself and gives you that confidence required to look and feel happy all day long.
I really enjoy meeting you at your trial and feel a sense of pride and achievement knowing that I have created your perfect look for you on your wedding day.  I look forward to meeting all my 2017 / 2018 brides for your wedding trial soon.

All the best


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