Isaac Raymond shoot at Buster and Punch

I first met designer Isaac Raymond in 2014 when I was asked to design the hair and make-up for his catwalk 'Over the Rainbow'.  I am an avid follower and admirer of his work, his insight and his talents and really enjoy watching him grow and develop throughout the years.

In May 2016 Isaac asked me if I could create the hair and make-up for a photo-shoot using his new collection 'The Revolution of Bravery'.  We met up and discussed the key looks and the background story to this new collection which was based around mental health.

I loved the ideas that he had and the story behind the costumes and really looked forward to supporting Isaac again.

It was great to team up with photographer David Long from Exposure Studios London once again and together, the three of us promptly created a mood board on Pinterest  which can be found here.

The shoot was to take place in luxury interior designers Buster and Punch's workshop in London and models Nicole Dutschke and  Yo Alexia kruiz completed our team with Chinara Pilkington assisting Photographer David Long.


On the day I was assisted by make-up artist Zoe Foster who approached me through the Sussex Make-up Academy asking for work experience and shadow work and who had assisted me earlier on in the year for a Zombie run.  Zoe was a great help, and was definitely the extra pair of hands that I would have spouted if I could!

Because we had pre-planned the looks that were to be created  using our pinterest  mood board, the day went seemingly well and I am really proud of the results.  I know that both Isaac and David agree that we achieved the results that we had set out to achieve and we are all extremely happy.

I will do a separate blog post explaining how each look was achieved and the background behind each outfit and will link these two up once it is written.

I love this shot - There is something that reminds me of  'The Avengers' in it.

I would like to thank everyone who was a part of this shoot.  It is always a joy working with Isaac and David and Zoe assisting was a dream.

Here's a few 'behind the scenes' shots from the day....

Follow up post to explain how these looks were achieved to follow....


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