Amberley Castle - A wedding photo shoot

One of the biggest problems I have when it comes to my wedding hair and make up website is the content of high res photos - I do take photos of the bride on the day (using my phone camera) but I would love to have professional photos sent to me either by the photographer or the bride once she has them - This is not always possible, even though I do try my hardest to stay in touch with my lovely brides.

So, in May 2014 I was speaking with my lovely friend, Chrissie Nicholson-Wild who makes the most beautiful wedding dresses about us doing a photo shoot together so that we could both gain some content for our websites.

We invited along photographer and friend David Long of Exposure Studios London if he would like to take these photos for us and we set a budget.

I must admit, it did take us a while to find the perfect location and after short listing 4 locations, I came across Amberley castle which we all agreed was the perfect wedding location for us.

Due to our busy lives we set up a pinterest page for our mood board, we discussed and chose our perfect models and once decided on what hair and make up would compliment Chrissie's dresses I started to create hair pieces using Annabelle's wigs that I would turn up with on the day of the shoot and use.

The night before the shoot, it was decided that I would drive myself, Chrissie and model Francesca to sleep at the castle to make the most of scouting the location (called shotgun) - Amberley castle really is a magical place to drive into - As you approach the drive, the automatic gates open for you to drive slowly in and what you see is breathtaking!
It even has a tree house on the left (shotgun for our next shoot)
David and Steph made the drive down from London to join us for an early morning start.

Once hair and make up had been done, the models were dressed and it was up to David to capture the magic and do justice for all our hard work.

The day itself turned out to be a beautiful sunny day but with high wind! - My job to hold the light was not the easiest and  I had a few fights with that light box, I can tell you!
Not only did we have free reign to capture images on the grounds, but we were lucky enough to get inside a few rooms to take photos too.
This photo was a MUST just because we was in a castle! and what a beautiful castle it was.
 And of course, we couldn't ignore the 'haunted' old kitchens of the castle.

Our journey ended up at the tree house before the heavens opened and decided to douse us with a shower!

This was an amazing photo shoot to be a part of due to so many aspects, but mainly down to the team and what everyone achieved on the day.

Not only have I ended up with some photo's for my website, but so far these photos have been published in Your Sussex Wedding magazine, Doily Days Magazine and Lis Magazine.

I will also do a few more blogs talking about the hair and make up and how I created it for this shoot.

I can not speak highly enough of all the talented people who worked on this shoot - They all come highly recommended whether you are looking for a costume designer/maker, photographer or model.

Costumer Designer - Chrissie Nicholson-Wild
Photographer - David Long
Hair and Make up - Amy Prifti
Models - Stephanie Ellen and Francesca Louise, both signed with SW12 Model Management 
Location -


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