How to cover up a tattoo using Camouflage creams

As a cosmetic camouflage practitioner I get asked to cover up scars, burn marks, port wine stains, birth marks, broken capillaries, Rosacea, eczema and all other skin conditions and discolourations.  When I am doing a wedding, I often get asked to cover up a tattoo or two!

Below I will outline how you can cover up your own tattoo using Cosmetic camouflage creams.

There are many creams available on the market, my product of choice is Dermacolor by Kryolan - this is endorsed by many companies including British Association of British Camouflage and Skin Camouflage Network.  Some of the products are also available on Prescription if your doctor gives you a prescription for the product - otherwise you can buy it direct from Charles H Fox.

 1. - tattoo before any cosmetic camouflage creams have been applied.
2. If the tattoo is black, you need to apply a red colour on top of the black to neutralise the colour - I apply the product using a lip brush or liner brush.  I have applied a green colour over the places where the tattoo is red to neutralise that colour.

 3. Apply Dermacolour Fixing powder on top with a powder puff, pressing firmly so that the powder sets the colours - leave powder on for 10 minutes.
 4. Using a large powder brush, brush off the excess powder - the tattoo is now ready for a skin coloured camouflage cream to be applied.

 5. Match up the correct colour to your skin tone and apply over the whole tattoo using a slightly bigger concealer brush.

6. Apply Powder once again with the powder puff, pressing firmly to set the cream - Leave on to set for 10 minutes before brushing away the excess powder with a powder brush.

7. Apply the last layer of camouflage cream to match your skin tone.
8. Set the whole tattoo using Dermacolor Fixing spray.

Please note - the Dermacolor fixing powder will make the camouflage cream waterproof so that you can either go swimming or out in the rain and the camouflage cream will not come off.
The Dermacolor fixing spray makes the cream both waterproof and sweat proof meaning that you can dance the night away, get hot and sweaty and the camouflage cream will stay on.  Also it will not rub off on your clothes.

For any questions, please leave a comment so that I can provide you with an answer.

Happy Camouflaging!


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