How to create a natural day time eyeshadow look

This video demonstrates how to create a natural fresh day time look with your eyeshadow, using fresh colours.
So many people often opt for the 'safe ' option when applying their eyeshadow, often opting for browns and golds and neutral tones.

Don't be scared with using colours - this video will help to show you how to apply and blend colours so that they look natural.

I have used greens and golds and pink eyeshadow in my video, so just have a little fun playing around and see what you like and what suits you.

You can choose your eyeshadow to complement what colour eyes you have or a contrasting colour to really bring them out, or you can choose colours to match your outfit or just depending on your mood.

My next blog will help you with finishing off your final look and includes small tips and tricks which will help you with how to make your eyes look, brighter, wider and fuller.

I hope you enjoy :-)


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