Harry Derbridge wearing Annabelle's Wigs to his Wig Party with the TOWIE cast

8.30am on Friday 13th and I get a phonecall from Annabelle's Wigs. www.annabelleswigs.co.uk
"Amy, we are going to Essex - we have been asked to put on our wigs and style them for Harry Derbridge's 18th Birthday Party. - We are providing wigs for Harry, Amy Childs, Jessica Wright, Claireabella and family!"

First things first, Harry wants a wig with a quiff, so I have to make one! - We decide to opt for a short blonde wig which I style so that it has a big quiff and brush the sides back.  Once happy, we are ready to go!

Ok! I say so we pack up our wigs, get in the car and drive to Essex. - With Harry's wig safely strapped into the back seat; Harry's Wig

Our first stop is with Claireabella - who makes the most beautiful bags www.claireabelladesigns.co.uk
She is the most adorable person, as is her husband and they are so excited for their business going stateside soon!

She opts for a Pastel Pink Wig, then off we go.....

Next stop is Amy Child's House.
At her house is Amy, her mum and Harry.  We promptly unpack all of our wigs and before you know it we have a whole table full with quite a few people in the room very excited to try them all on.

So, who's first then? Harry sits down, I put the wig on him and he loves it - infact he can't stop looking at himself!

It is now Amy's turn to sit down - She has already decided which wig she is wearing so we start off by playing around with a few different wigs for her to try on - We start with the 3 quarter piece from the Lino range to match her own colour - it provides length and volume like never before.
Next we go onto a Short Blonde Bob which really suits Amy - She loves it, so we leave it for future use.
Lastly we put on her decided wig - The Black Bob

At this point, Harry decides that he should try on the Bright Red Wig to see if it will go with his blue suit - It looks great! - So I set about styling it to look more like his own hair style.

Once we have put wigs and pieces on her friends and family, we are off to our last stop - Jessica Wright.  Who firstly tries on a long blonde wig which looks hot! before deciding to opt for the red wig to go with her outfit. Red Wig

Once we are 'wigged' out, off we go to the party (Harry invited us earlier) at 'The Sugar Hut' in Essex and enjoy partying the night away with everyone.

We couldn't have hoped to meet such nice, nice people.
And already, the results are all over the media - starting with the Daily Mail on Line

Here are some tweets from people -

Claireabella -   Thanks2u my angels! My wig looks freaking amazing! Can't wait to tweet a pic!

Amy Andrea Childs@MissAmyChilds
Thank you to for styling and applying my everyone give the best wigs company a shoutout xxxx
and I are looking forward to wig styling all these lovely peeps

And the final looks?....

Hair styling by Amy Prifti Twitter Facebook My YouTube Channel
Wigs by Annabelle's Wigs Twitter
EARN MONEY WITH ANNABELLE'S WIGS - We are looking for reps all over the world to work and earn money with Annabelle's wigs - it's as easy as selling hair pieces to your friends and at party's whilst earning yourself 15% commission on each piece.
INTERESTED? email amy@annabelleswigs.co.uk

HAVE AN ANNABELLE'S WIGS PARTY -  If you would like to have a wig party in your home or out and about, please contact us so that we can let your local rep know amy@annabelleswigs.co.uk


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