Make up tips to make your eyes appear bigger, wider, brighter and more almond shape

The above video is a demonstration of tips and tricks of how to make your eyes appear bigger, wider, brighter and more almond shape.

When we look at the face there are certain measurements to take account of.  These measurements are based on 'the perfect oval face shape' and using this it will help us to understand the differences that we need to make to our faces to create an illusion to others.

In the case of the eyes - if you measure how wide your eye is using your thumb and forefinger, this should be the same distance that you have between your eyes (above the nose) and either side of your eye (towards your hair line);
Now that you have checked your measurement, you should have learned if your eyes are wider apart or closer together - now apply make up to create the illusion that they are in the 'perfect place'

If you want to give the illusion that your eyes are further apart, always keep your eyeshadow colour lighter on the inside (closer to your nose) and create a darker look on the outside (near hairline)
Alternatively if you want to give the illusion to bring your eyes closer together, use a darker colour on the inside - also make your eyebrows a bit longer towards the beginning of them (above the nose)

If your eyes don't have much of an eyelid, create a new eye socket by looking directly into a mirror and placing the eyeshadow on your eye where the skin falls with it open - use this as a guideline of where to create your socket.

If your eyes close towards the outer corner and you want to separate them making them more oval shaped, simply place a whit dot on the outer corner between where your eyelashes grow out from.

If you want to brighten your whole eye areas, take a concealer pencil and line your eyes on the inner skin both above an below your lashes.

Always finish with plenty of mascara to open up your eyes and remember, if you want your lashes to look thicker apply eyeliner above and below your lashes to crate this illusion.

Happy make up experimenting!


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