The Hazards of Being a make up artist on location

I picked up the telephone one day only to have an overexcited photographer scream at me.... 'Pack your bags, we're going to the Maldives'

So I did what she said!

The team was an all female team - photographer, model and me (make up artist, hair stylist and stylist) - plus the photographer's mum (she came along for the ride! - Hazard 1!)

Hazard 2 was when it came to packing - apparently I had no space in my suitcase to pack clothes for me as it would be full of clothes for the shoot we were doing! still, we packed suitcases full of fashion clothes loaned to us by various fashion houses, fashion students etc and wore all of our own clothes on the plane - A bonus is that you loose around 2 stone once you have taken all your clothes off once you have arrived!

We landed in Male, caught a speed boat (at this point we didn't even know which island we was going to) and got off at a very small idyllic Island in the Maldives baby!

Once unpacked we walked the whole distance of the island (about a 20 minute walk) and then enrolled ourselves onto the padi diving course - all for work research, well someone has to!

Hazard 3 - Being woken up at 3 am as the photographer wants to catch the sunrising for a few shots -

Hazard 4 - was when someone came up with an Egyptian theme and thought a 'sphinx' would look great in the photo! - 10 points for guessing who would be constructing it.
Hazard 5 - Sand gets everywhere! and I mean EVERYWHERE.

Hazard 6 - Being careful of getting 'the bends' whilst diving up and down in the depths of the sea trying to be the communicator between photographer and model!

Hazard 7 - Me getting in the way of the shoot (if you look carefully you can just about see my legs with fins on them where I am swimming on the surface of the sea)

Also the Hazard of mis-communication of the photographer complaining that the model keeps 'flashing her' and wants a side on view!

Hazard 8 - Fish getting in the way!, come on fish, we are trying to work here!

Hazard 9 - The body looks 'tiny' underwater!

Hazard 10 - turning into a waitress throughout the day to serve the model drinks.... she has legs!

Hazard 11 - Getting Wet! (and the model finding it funny)

Hazard 12 - Staying awake until sunset because yet again, 'the photographer wants to catch the light at a certain level'

And some people call this FUN?.......

more to follow soon.

Photographer - Elisita Kemp
Model - Katinka Elisa Hutchinson
Hair and make up - Amy Prifti


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