Business Mums Summit 2011

On Monday 10th October, I attended the Business Mums Summit at the Thistle Hotel in Brighton.
It was after I attended my first 'mumpreneur' meeting at the cock  just outside Lewes when I decided that attending the Summit was a 'must' for me to meet new people, get inspiration and find out ways of how to carry forward my new business - The Wellbeing Angels.

I was so busy in the days leading up to the summit that it wasn't until the night before that I looked online at the programme for the day when I took note that the day was going to be 'full on'! wow, it really didn't disappoint!

After organising how my boys were going to get to school I managed to convince my husband to drop me off at the train station before he began his day of work, I caught the train with 5 second to spare, stepped off at Brighton and walked in completely the wrong direction for the hotel doh! However, I managed to arrive bang on the dot at 9 only to be asked which workshops I wanted to attend as I had to sign up NOW! After deliberating which would be the most helpful to me, I decided on 'Bigger business: The professional advice you need to grow your business' followed by 'winning awards' - oh, I wouldn't mind!

I then also managed to sign myself up for the 'conga-style speed networking' It is not easy to speak about your self and your business for only 15 seconds, believe me - surely you know that women can speak forever!

I enjoyed listening to great speeches by Beth DeAvila, Laura Tenison, Karen Skidmore, Kate Garraway, Sarah Smith and Zoe Meredith of Yummy Lollies, Shazia Mustafa, Rachel Boyle and Erica Douglas as well as the 'specialised breakout sessions' I had signed up for earlier.

The event was televised for BBC South East, ITV and various radio stations - my boys spotted me on the local news 5 times!

Unfortunately I couldn't attend this years awards ceremony as I had to rush back to lewes in time to teach Zumba in Ringmer (just made it)

What did I achieve from attending the summit this year? - I met lots of friendly people from different backgrounds and abilities who have set up their own business and achieved.  I felt inspired to grow my own business with no boundaries, I met two people who volunteered to become my mentors, I met a few people who would like to find out more about my business and join my team, I met other business's who would like to use the Wellbeing Angels in future events, I met even more business's who would like to team up with Wellbeing Angels to run events together.  And, at the very least, I got myself on the local news (5 times) so at least my boys think I'm famous! (for now)

If anyone is thinking of or already have started up their business and would like to share it with others, gain inspiration or find out how to move it forward, the business mums summit is a must for all!

If you would like to know more about my new business you can at
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