Every now and then I come across a miraculous product that I would love to yell from the roof tops that everyone should have this product in their make up bags.
Instead of yelling, I have decided to blog about a few of them -
The 'Eraser Pencil' is a pencil made from wax that will instantly get rid of your make up mistakes for you just as an eraser will rub out unwanted pencil marks!
If you have blinked or looked up whilst your mascara is still wet and ended up with mascara over your eyelids or under your eyes, just use this handy little pencil to draw over your mistakes and then rub off with either your finger or a tissue.  - You can use this pencil on any make up mistakes you have - wonky eyeliner, lip liner that wasn't quite the right shape, too much blusher etc - you get my drift!

Another great product is -

Concealer pencil.
There are many ways that you can apply these little beauties, but the best place is to use them as you would a 'white' pencil (oh so 80's!) - Draw the concealer pencil along your inner eyelid on the top and bottom (just inside ledge of where your lashes grow out from)
This will result in your eyes looking bigger and wider apart and will also brighten up your eyes so that they sparkle.
Also a little dot on the inner and outer corners of your eye will make you appear less tired and will widen your eye (on the outside) to make it look more almond shaped.

Hope you enjoy these products...... more to follow!


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