How DID I get in the paper ?

Working as a freelance Make up artist and Hair stylist, I have never been with an agency and relied on just myself for getting work, so the question asked is - how DID I get in the paper?

Here's a few examples of HOW?

1. Back in 1997 I worked in a photographic studio styling hair and doing make up - the studio was a great opportunity to work with other make up artists and to meet photographers.  I made great friends with a photographer called Elle who introduced me to her model friend, Lisa - together we set about working and living art! - We travelled to the Maldives together to do some test shoots for magazines, we even all slept together at Elle's studio in Hoxton Square, building a camp under her black back drops and drinking hot water with lemon!
Whilst At this studio, we did the following shoot for Bliss for Brides

It was so much fun with me and Lisa hiding behind black back drops and throwing pieces of fabric out to meet to use as the back ground !

2. Fast Forward a couple of years and I find myself working at 'pout' a make up shop with a huge celebrity following - because of this following pout was asked to provide make up artists to do editorial work, and this time I managed to get my face into the mag !

It was fun to do the Zest Magazine life make over shoot, and it was a bonus having my picture in the mag!

3. Fast forward a few more years and I meet Claire, of Annabelle's Wigs.  Not only is she the loveliest person you could ever meet, but annabelle's wigs have a wide following so is it surprising that I am in the papers again?

Here I am (or at least my work) in Devolution Magazine

4. Going back a few more years now, I find myself dressed up as a firefighter and on the front page of the newspaper - 'Yeah, I made it to the front page!' (on the left)

Of course, these are just a few editorial pics - I don't want to bore you with the whole lot !

But in answer to the question how DID I make it in to the papers?

Right place, right time? Lucky break? great people to work with who like what I do? Hard Work? Fantastic make up artist and hair stylist? .....   I'll let you decide!


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