Art Nude Photo shoot


What ever your opinion is on art nude photography, I believe that if it is done correctly, the result should be a beautiful artistic photograph celebrating the human form.

I was employed by photographer Richard Maxim for a shoot with the gorgeous Faith Obae model where we was joined by Claudia of Falcieri designs.

It was a full on day and we decided to finish off the shoot with these art nude looks;

Claudia suggested that we use the floor of the studio to create these looks, her reasoning behind it being that Faith would not be limited to the positions that she could create and hold.  Seeing as she was free to move I really feel that this was so beneficial to how the finished looks ended up.
I made the last minute decision to paint half of Faith's body using a purple aqua colour body paint by Kryolan  and I am so glad that I did as I feel it really adds an extra dimension to the photos.

The photo above is my favourite from the selection - It almost looks like two models entwined in each other.

Claudia had envisioned these photos to have metres of material to create motion and add another dimension.

I would love to here your opinion on these photos..... Please leave a comment :-)

Best Regards

Hair and make up - Amy Prifti
Model - Faith Obae
Stylist - Claudia of Falcieri designs
Photographer - Richard Maxim


  1. This is a really awesome set of pics. Thanks for posting them!


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