How to design hair and make up for a fashion show

On Saturday 16th I was fortunate enough to be the hair and make up designer for Chrissie Nicholson-Wild for her new Autumn Winter 2013 capsule collection that she was showing off at the Guerilla Fashion Show at the Brighton Arts Centre for her brand 'Curve Couture'

I have worked with Chrissie just a few times before so it was really important to get on her wave length with what she was wanting to achieve for the fashion show.  Luckily enough she was happy to give me full artistic range on the hair and make up but there is no point in doing this if it doesn't tie in with the designers theme.

When designing hair and make up for someone else it is important to remember who your client is and why they have asked you to work with them - Your hair and make up needs to compliment and complete their look or theme to the best of its ability.  The finished look will never look right if you have gone off on your own tangent and not listened to the designers needs.

That said..... the best place to start? PINTEREST ! This is a great place to share ideas and get a mood board started so that you are all working towards the same result.
Chrissie had one board already set up before making her wonderful clothing range - this can be viewed at Once I had viewed this and had an ind eph discussion I decided to create a hair and make up board using Chrissie's guide lines;
Not only was this great for Chrissie to look at and cast her opinion but it was also fantastic to show my creative team of hair stylists and make up artists exactly what look we wanted to create and invite them join in on that creativity by adding their own pins.

I then took to pen and paper to scribble down my designs and the outcome:
Model - Sian Fann

Model - Yolanda Carella

Model - Alice Hayward

Model - Dolly

Model - Gabriella Tavani
I will do a separate blog on each look and how my team of make up artists and hair stylists - Myself, Kate Bishop and Sarah Vickery achieved each look.
I will also be sharing with you the wonderful talent that is Chrissie Nicholson - and her finished outfits.
Thank you to Emma Meston - for taking the above photos and letting me use them.
Also a huge thank you to Annabelle's Wigs - for providing wigs for us to use.


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