Futuristic Make Up Inspiration

I was asked to hold a couple of workshops at Brighton College to inspire their hair dressing students to create hair and make up for their end of year hair show.

It is not possible to teach over 50 students how to apply make up in only 2 hours so I sat and demonstrated a few different techniques that would hopefully inspire them.

I also had only 1 student to demonstrate 2 looks on so that I could show as many different techniques as possible:

Soaped out eyebrows, custom made eyelashes with sequins on them, glitter eyebrows, textured greasepaint make up - glitter lips

Soaped out eye brows - draw new eyebrows on. Lots of highlighting and shading - silver lines, glitter dots

Sequin eyebrows, custom made eyelashes, colourful splodges with glitter on them, glitter outline to lips

Black and silver face - lots of shading and highlighting, glitter streaks, custom made eyelashes, bling

If you look back at make up throughout the ages - it is normally the eyebrows and lips that create a make up look, so on all the above looks, I have soaped out the eyebrows - I will be doing a youtube demo soon to show you how to do this technique so check back to my channel from time to time to check if I have uploaded this for you.

Turns out that I think the future might be 'bling' !

Quite frankly Futuristic make up means different things to different people and it is up to you how far you take this and how far into the future you look.

Good luck to all the hair students for your hair show coming up in 2 weeks

Amy x


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