Getting Married in 2013 ?

OK, so you have probably worked out by now that my business is in Weddings...... So I turn on the news on the 1st of January 2013 for a report to be shared that NO ONE is getting married in 2013 because of its superstitious date!

Is this TRUE?
Are YOU getting married this year?
What is your opinion?

According to the news report many venues and businesses are offering special 'deals' to entice those getting married so that they don't postpone their wedding to 2014.

Are people REALLY this superstitious that the number 13 will bring bad luck to their marriage?

If I, for one was thinking about getting married over the next few years, I would probably bring the date forward and choose to get married in 2013 just to prove people wrong! - That a number will not affect how happy my marriage is, or the longevity of it.

And even if I did get married in 2013 and my marriage didn't last, could I really blame the number 13 for this? - surely marriages don't last for much more serious reasons than this!

As this article reports;  At the BBC

"Many superstitious people believe that getting married in 2013 is a bad idea, because they associate the number 13 with bad luck.

But with some wedding venues offering discounts, it could turn out to be a wise choice financially, as Sophie Van Brugen reports."

So.... are you getting Married in 2013?
According to reports, are you expecting discounts?

And what about Wedding suppliers like myself?
Are you a photographer/florist/wedding venue?  - Will you be offering couples a discount so that they can get married in 2013?

Also, have you already been affected by the number13 and have found yourself in the situation that you don't have as many weddings booked into your diary this year?

Opinions Please.......

For people who ARE getting married in 2013, please find a list of my favoured suppliers below - This is THEIR business and they are all amazing at what they do.

Hair and Make up Artist - Amy Prifti
Photographer - Emmest Photography , Chris Giles Photography
Boudoir shoot - Taboudoir
Wedding Underwear - Curve Couture
Cars - Silver Swift
Hair Pieces - Annabelle's Wigs
Hen Party/ Beauty Pampering - The Wellbeing Angels
Personal Trainer - Lewes Fit

Please leave a comment below and let me know how you feel about getting married in 2013 whether you are getting married, have postponed your marriage or are a supplier.

Thanks :-)


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