Halloween Make Up and Hair ideas

So, It is that time of the year again ....... 1 day until Halloween !

I have decided to make a few 15 minute video's to give you some ideas and inspiration.
All video's are made within 15 minutes where possible and I have just used simple make up that you will probably find laying around the house so that you do not need to buy anything special to recreate these looks.

First off I have done a Sexy Glamorous look for you;

The final look being;

The second video is to create a zombie / Gothic look;

The final look being this;

I have also made an alternative zombie look which you can find here;
with your make up running down;

With the last look using everyday make up being a 'fire' look - I made this in 3 instalments so you will need to watch all 3 to create the final look;

For all these looks, I have used Annabelle's Wigs - a great way to finishing your Halloween look - check our the website at www.annabelleswigs.co.uk



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