How to choose the correct foundation for my skin type

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The answer to this question does not lay in which make up brand you use, or how much money you spend on your foundation - The answer lies in how your foundation feels on your skin, how it settles and how it looks.

Foundation coverage - Tinted moisturiser will give you a very fine coverage but will not conceal any imperfections - this is best used during the summer just to even out your skin tone.
Pressed/loose powder - Just like the tinted moisturiser, this does not conceal, neither does it give a lot of coverage, it will however mattify your skin.
Wet to dry powder - Applied using a wet sponge, this foundation gives you slightly more coverage as it goes on like liquid, yet dries to a powder.
Liquid foundation - This will give you a medium coverage although you can build up the product to achieve the coverage that you require, it is easy to apply using either your finger tips, a sponge or a foundation brush.
Cream Foundation - This gives the most coverage although it is best to consider that a little goes a long way so you can get a very natural finish with cream foundation too.
Mousse foundation - Just like the cream, this gives complete coverage, but you do need to work fast with it as mousse can be quite difficult to blend.

What to look out for - If you have quite dehydrated skin, dry skin or flaky areas, it is best to avoid a powder foundation as the powder will collect in the dryness of your skin.
If your skin has a few oily patches, yet again I would avoid powder foundation as the final result can look quite 'patchy'.
Look out towards your jaw bone to check that your foundation is not showing up any of your 'downy' hairs as this isn't a great look either!

Remember - A foundation is just to even up your skin tone and to use as a blank canvass to apply the rest of your make up on top of - do not expect your foundation to cover up blemishes, redness or dark circles, as this is what a concealer is for.

My top Foundation products -
1. Supercover cream foundation - a cream mineral foundation that can be applied using finger tips or a sponge to create a natural look - perfect for HD camera's
2. Kryolan liquid foundation - perfect to apply using a sponge or finger tips, blends well resulting in a natural finish
3. Collection 2000 colour match foundation - gives a soft dewy finish
4. Asda's own foundation - cheap and cheerful but does the job!


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