How do I choose which make-up course is best for me?

Why should I chose the Sussex Make-up Academy?

So, the reason that  I  decided to set up the Sussex make-up academy is that I  recognised that not enough training make-up artists are being taught by teachers who actually work in the make-up industry meaning that they just aren't up to date with techniques and how we go about turning a training course in to a full time career.  

Of course, there are many private make-up courses who offer training from tutor's who work in the industry which is great - I chose one of these schools for that reason.  Although the course was great and covered a wide range of make-up skills, I did find that the majority of the 'working tutors' were either not at the peak of their career, or that they were so scared that the students were going to take their jobs from them that they chose not to share all information and skills with us.

So, what do we do differently at the Sussex Make-up Academy?

All I can say is that  I believe this world is big enough for anyone who wants to become a make-up artist can.  There are enough people getting married, there are plenty of photographers and designers needing fantastic make-up artists, there are more and more TV series being made with more outlets than just TV and films will always stretch themselves to be bigger and better, meaning they need the crew to do the best job ever.  Theatre, Opera, Ballet will always be around from professional West End plays to smaller amateur dramatics society's.  The general public will always want to learn how to do their make-up properly, people will pay to have their make-up done for a special night out.  Celebrities will always need their make-up applied for red carpet events, schools and colleges are now having bigger proms at the end of the year, encouraging people to spend out on their dress, hair and make-up.  Children will always love face painting and adults will always love dressing up, especially at Halloween.

There will always be an income for you to learn from being a make-up artist but you may have to turn your hand to different talents based on the demand of work that comes your way.
As full time working make-up artists, me and Nicola know how important this is and don't mind pointing this out to you.  We even don't mind letting you know that WE WANT YOU TO BE A SUCCESS because then our school will be a success - what better a reason do we need than this to be able to support you, nurture you and offer you the best advice in terms of how and where to find work.

We do, of course, also believe in supplying you with the best make-up tutor's in the industry - Why just hear what I have to teach you when you can also learn from industry specialists? - Not only will you learn new skills and techniques from them, but you will learn secret tips and tricks as to how they succeeded in this demanding industry - Please search every single one of our specialist tutor's to find out more about them.  We think you will be pleasantly surprised by who our tutor's are, their backgrounds and who they work with now :-)

There is so much more that I would love to write in this post, I really want you to understand the passion that I have put into the academy and the reason is because of you - I want you to be a success.

In the meantime, who is Amy Prifti? - I am a make-up artist who loves my career, am passionate about everything I do, who wants to make a success of the make-up school and of you, plus I am sometimes just that little bit silly!

Please check out the website - and do comment.  We love to hear your feedback :-)


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