Photoshoot with Raphaella with love, Elle Beth & Lola Day

Wedding dress designer and maker Chrissie Nicholson-Wild created 3 stunning new designs in muted tones and these were the basis of my most recent wedding photoshoot.

Before I waffle on about the day, please take a look at this behind the scenes video which was filmed and edited by Agne Kovalkova and captured the day beautifully;
As well as showing off a few processes that go in to a shoot of this scale, this video shows how we all work - in a relaxed manner and always smiling to the end.
What the video doesn't show so well was exactly how much it rained that day! The rain was truly relentless.

It was decided that Chrissie, Myself and Photographer David Long would team up together once more after the success of of our Amberley castle photoshoot featuring the red dresses.

Chrissie showed me the designs and fabrics of the dresses that she wanted to create and from there we looked at locations that would fit in with the overall feeling of the dresses.  We decided on woodlands as there was a lot of emphasis on nature and floating fabrics - in fact, you can see the start of our moodboard here.  From there, the photoshoot evolved;

         Raphaella with love                                                   Elle Beth
                                                       Lola Day

We was extremely lucky to be joined by the above models who are not only stunning, but were professional throughout the day with smiles on their faces and were an absolute joy to work with.

We was also very fortunate to be joined by Lisa Jayne Milliner who created stunning pieces of jewellery based on our brief to finish off the look.

We started out very early, based at my house with the view of getting some close up shots of the hair and make up as well as dress and jewellery detail before heading out to our chosen location Wilderness Woods.

Completing our team was photographer David Long from Exposure studios London who was assisted by Carl Stanley who not only was a great help to David but kept all of our spirits up during the day.

Armed with umbrellas, rain macs, floor canvasses and smoke pellets off we went to 'Old Oak' to capture our first group shot off all three models. 

I love these photos, to me they look like a work of art, a painting almost, probably made so by the weather that didn't shine upon us!

The day was long and wet and by the end of it we was extremely tired but I love the results and hope you do to.

We have been rewarded by the fact that these were given an 8 page spread in Surreal Beauty Magazine and I can't wait to see them in more places.

Hair and make up by Amy Prifti


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