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'In my Kit' Professional make up artist - Eyeshadows

Eyeshadow is my 'failure' when it comes to makeup shopping!  - If it's pretty, I want to buy it!
Above is a photo of my current eyeshadows that I keep in my make up kit..... and you know what? I NEED MORE! There always seems to be more colours that I just need!

To start with, let me explain that I am a 'mixer' - I always mix my colours to create the shade that I want.  I also LOVE colour! And I love putting colour onto faces, brightening people up.

So, here's a current run down of what products I have in my make up kit;
Kryolan 15 colour eye shadow palette £77.00
I buy this empty palette from Charles H Fox in covent garden, London and then choose which 15 colours I want to put in it.  This palette is ideal for freedom of choice and you can buy individual refills as you use each colour.
I have both the above palettes in my kit, 1 shimmer with a selection of colours and 1 matt neutral colours.
These palettes are £44.15 each
120 colour eyeshadow palette £4.99 from ebay
My favourite palette of all time that I use on anyone and everyone.

Individual eyeshadow colours by Supercover £10 each
I currently have 11 of these lovely eyeshadow's in my kit.  I prefer to choose eyeshadows that have a shimmer in them as they lift the eye.
I also have a fashionista 4 colour palette in my it as it contains a lovely high shimmer white and lovely gold and bronzes in it.

All eyeshadows last quite a few years as they are made from powder and powders do not go off.
Sometimes a powder can get a greasy film on top of them which can easily be scratched off so there is no need to replace them

Total cost on eyeshadows in my kit - £284.29

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