'In my Kit' Professional make up artist - Eyebrow makeup

Although there are various eyebrow products on the market, I tend to rely on these tried and tested staples;

Kryolan Eyeshadow powder palette £26.50 - 5 colours that suit all hair shades from very light blonde to black
Tweezerman Tweezers, perfect for plucking out any stray hairs £12.50
MUA clear mascara £1.00 for taming those long, straight hairs and keeping the eyebrows in place.

NYX eyebrow pencil in light and medium brown £4.00 each, perfect for gently filling in small gaps in eyebrows

To keep pencils hygienic I sharpen with a Victoria Loves Beauty pencil sharpener £1.99 before using a new piece of the pencil on each client, this means that most pencils last up to 1 year.
Eyebrow shadow has longevity due to powders not going 'off' so to speak, powders sometimes go a bit 'hard' on the surface which can be lightly scratched off.

I use a disposable mascara wand when applying the clear mascara to eyebrows. Victoria Loves Beauty do the best selection of disposable mascara wands for just £4.79 per pack of 25

Total yearly cost on eyebrow products - £54.78

All the above products tend to last me anything from a year up to 3 years for the eyeshadow palettes and I will normally get through approx. 8 packs of disposable mascara wands.

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