'In my Kit' Professional make up artist - Concealers

When reaching for a concealer, there is only one product that I use - Dermacolor.  These bad boys have so much pigment in them that I can cover a tattoo with them, therefore dark eyes are no problem against dermacolor concealer palettes.

I was first introduced to dermacolor when I worked at Charles H Fox in London - they sell the dermacolor range which was introduced to the market as a cosmetic camouflage cream.  I was so interested by this that I enrolled myself straight away onto a course with the British Association of Skin Camouflage.

Not only was I introduced to dermacolor, but various different ranges of camouflage creams that are all used for the same purpose - to cover up birth marks, port wine stains, psoriasis, burns, rosacea and much, much more.

In my kit I keep 2 mini palettes of 16 colours each in both light and medium £19.25 each
I tend to find that the colour range offered in these palettes will match with most skin colours.

I also have the large concealer tester palette at home £79.00 so that I can match up concealers with all skin tones as well as being able to offer cosmetic skin camouflaging colour matches.

I use this concealer on all clients for both concealing unwanted marks and to cover up dark circles around the eye area.

Total cost on Concealers - £114.50

These concealers do have a long life line and one mini palette will normally last me up to 18 months.

Relevant sites;
The Sussex Make up Academy
The British association of skin camouflage


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