'In my Kit' Professional make up artist - Foundations

Following on from my primer blog, here is a list of my foundation products that I keep in my professional make up kit;
For most people's base I use HD ready 24 colour Supercover mineral to cream foundation palette - £200.00
Not only does this include all coloured foundations from white through to Asian and Black skin tones with a variation of different pink and yellow undertones but it also has a corrector wheel in the middle which I mainly use for contouring, highlighting and shading.
On top of my foundation palette, I also carry an extra 3 pots of my most popular foundation colour so that I never run out.  The large pots of foundation colour are £28.00 each.

Because not everyone has the same skin, I also keep 4 different colours of Kryolan Liquid foundation in my kit at £13.75 each - This foundation can be applied as fine or thick as needs be for your perfect finish.
I also keep both the medium and light coloured BB creams in my kit for clients who do not like to wear foundation as they still need something on their face to even out their skin tone and the finish of the BB cream is perfect. £9.99 each
Lastly, I keep a Kryolan Simmering event foundation in my kit £23.15 which is perfect for more mature skins, leaving a natural dewy glow to finish.

Total price spent on foundations - £382.13

Do I need all these foundations in my kit? - YES! I need to have an entire selection of colours for all of my clients plus I need various types of foundations for my clients skin tones.  We are all different and unique and foundation sits differently on people's skin.  

Foundation is the most important part of any ones make up - If your base doesn't look perfect, your make up will not look perfect, simple as that!

Once again, I expect most of my foundations to last up to 1 year, but I may need to replace the most popular colours more often.  BB creams and shimmering foundation normally last up to 6 months so need replacing more often.

Total yearly spend on foundations - £453.26

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